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whistlekick Karate Sparring Gear Set Bundle of Karate Sparring and Taekwondo Gloves with Backpack, Child Large, Red

Heat (Red) Child Large


Our karate gear (taekwondo gear) comes in a reusable drawstring backpack – $9.99 value!

  • BUILT BETTER – We use premium materials and better designs than others which makes our karate sparring gear more comfortable to wear AND more protective.
  • LASTS LONGER – Double-reinforced design PLUS better materials help our taekwondo gloves last much longer than any other brand of foam hand gear. Stop replacing your karate gloves every few months or repairing it with tape. We routinely hear from customers who have been using our karate equipment for more than 2 years, without ANY rips!
  • LESS SWEATY – Our sparring handgear delivers great airflow and a durable design. Keep your hands cooler and cut down on the sweat! Enhanced ventilation and shorter wrist means you stay cooler, longer, with less sweat to make you uncomfortable.
  • DOUBLE REINFORCED PALM – The place where most karate sparring gloves fall apart, we double reinforced the palm strap. It doesn’t add weight or change anything – except how long it lasts.
  • SIZES TO ACCOMODATE EVERYONE – Our Child Medium martial arts gloves fits even the smallest children while our XL fits a very large hand. The safety of our design makes this the perfect kids sparring glove for children / youth / kids as well as adult men and women.

Our martial arts handgear is used by martial artists all over the world, in every style. We’ve heard from many of them using our martial arts hand gear as part of their taekwondo sparring gear set (taekwondo gear)… also kungfu, moo duk kwan, tae kwon do, tang soo do, kung fu and more.

Please consult our size chart in images.

About Us – We formed whistlekick because we were tired of low-quality martial arts equipment that fell apart weeks after purchase. whistlekick… Never Settle.

☯ #1 SPARRING GEAR BRAND – Simply the best martial arts sparring gear! The best choice for men, women & children needing karate, taekwondo or martial art gloves. (As well as for other martial arts!)
☯ EXTRA DURABLE – Our Karate sparring gear features a double-reinforced palm strap making it far less likely to tear, extending the life of the karate gloves. No other brand does this!
☯ RIP RESISTANT – Extra-reinforcement at common tear points makes these taekwondo gloves the smartest choice for your taekwondo sparring gear set (or any other art!)
☯ LESS SWEAT – MORE COMFORT – Better airflow makes our martial arts gloves more comfortable and less sweaty than our competition’s karate sparring gloves. Let the heat out and stay focused on what you’re doing.
☯ CHILD LARGE HEAT (RED) SHIPPED IN A FREE BACKPACK – Dynamic, reusable, drawstring backpack is great for storing your gear and keeping it looking new. This great pack is both protective and breathable. A $9.99 value, free with every piece of martial arts equipment set / sparring gear you buy from us on Amazon. Design, bag & color may vary a little.

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