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Yoel Romero wants Daniel Cormier at UFC 230 for LHW Belt

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  1. Now that's a fucking super fight!

  2. MAN that's some bullshit.

    I was just starting to play that PICK’EM thing

  3. Cmon Yoel the real fight is you with a bit more jesus juice and heavy weight agasint DC

  4. Yoel clearly is writing his tweets. Only somebody with English being their first language would highlight the way Yoel says "I love you" funnily – "I luh you"

  5. How the hell is Cormier going to be able to cut weight?

  6. Man DC has nothing left to prove but if he goes down to LHW and beats yoel and then brock at HW. Well p4p #1 for sure on my book

  7. Yoel will get so jacked that his head will be down inside of his traps, the ultimate defense

  8. I have Yoel winning that fight bro

  9. When a new MMADigest video pops up I do two things immediately:

    1- I click play

    2- I click like

  10. I'll be very surprised if DC goes back down to light heavyweight, I think his last 2 fights are gonna be at heavyweight

  11. Fuck off yoel you have the same shady ass manager than jon jones has and you are juicing and a cheater in many other ways. Just fuck off and leave

  12. If Felder hadn't have broken his arm in the first round, he would have easily beaten Perry at 170. Perry is super tough, but not as talented.

  13. God damn yoel vs dc would be insane but yoel needs to win a fight at 205 first

  14. Yoel " thas my sanweesh" romero

  15. Yoel is gonna be hughmongous at LHW.

  16. 1-2 in his last 3 fights and wants a title fight in a division with bigger opponents that he's never fought in inside the UFC

  17. I think Yoel will do find at 205 division… He'll loss a few but he'll be okay…

  18. Wait crazy horse in bnb? Fuck yeah

  19. UFC Havana! DC vs Romero make it happen Dana!

  20. LOL 😁 i can guarantee that dc ain't gonna fight yoel. The only psycho that would accept to fight that nightmare not once but twice is robert whittaker.

  21. DC is going to murder him.😂

  22. Romero vs Rockhold 2 at light heavyweight.

  23. What we want? No one wants to see you fight another title shot…. especially at 205, earn it first

  24. Would much prefer this matchup than Shogun. I probably wouldn't even watch Shogun vs Cormier tbh.

  25. Yoel is coming off a loss and a weight miss. I would love to see him fight DC but I don’t think he’s earned the title shot yet

  26. Now thats interesting but DC got fat and its gonna take 2 years to slim down to 205 again

  27. Bad matchup for DC I have Yoel winning by KO

  28. Perry beat a guy that was on short notice, went up in weight and had a broken arm and still only won a close decision 😂 bellator bound.

  29. Bullshit if gus doesen't get the fight if he wins

  30. Paul Felder just stay home playa. We honestly dont need u

  31. I want to see Conor vs Dc for ALL THE BELTS

  32. Did Bigfoot eat that entire pizza?

  33. I met Emil Meek at a club in Oslo, Norway. I couldn't believe it, because whenever I see him on YT or UFC, he is HUGE. When I met him IRL, he wasn't bigger than myself! I was completely dumbfounded. His arms were a defined version of my own (and I don't have big arms), and he looked more like a well trained footballer than the huge mauler he is when he fights.

  34. Id love to see romero vs dc

  35. The UFC seriously need a 165 division and need to move welterweight to 175, people like cowboy, khabib, masvidal, Kevin Lee and Conor are made for that division

  36. i love this match up both world class wrestlers with ko power. lets get it

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