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WEC 34: Outside The Cage

Rewind to the glory days of the WEC as Urijah Faber faces Jens Pulver at WEC 34. On Outside the Cage, go inside each fighter’s training camp in the final days …


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  1. Uuuuhhhh master tong spoke English in this video. Narratator said he cant🙄

  2. When the day is said and done, Urijah Faber will always be the one that I think is a true and honest competitor and underdog. There' s no denying that fact. Don't get me wrong both of these gentleman are good at the style and techniques that they trained for. Keep up the good work.

  3. whats the name of that beat 26.39 ? keep hearing it alot

  4. He was undefeated in 145 at the time. For everyone talking crap about it. I got to watch wec fights luckily. Now a days we got people who don't know there history watching the ufc . Been watching it since the beginning in the 90s round here….

  5. post up more old countdowns from the WEC!!!!!! was there one for the PPV that was done? should put that one up aswell

  6. who isnt the best cage fighter in the world… as far as these videos there must be 1000s of them

  7. Oh man I remember this. Great memories for me

  8. Urijah "butt chin" Faber

  9. Hey Joe Benavidez nice nipple piercings. 

  10. pulver we luv ya, but why on earth you still boxing around in the mma world?

  11. I'm glad the UFC uploaded this. I wish they would put more of this Primetime/Countdown like shows onto Fight Pass.

  12. I freaking miss wec. All the fights were so good

  13. UFC should upload more WEC countdown shows like this. 

  14. the hell?!? is the WEC like the NBA D league??

  15. True pioneer of the sport. I want to see the Miguel Torrez one too tho.

  16. Can we talk about where they are all now? Urijah Faber is the only one still relevant. PLUS Faber is older now than Pulver was then. Lol. "Over the hill" mhm Jens. & Torres? He's been gone for a while too. Lol.

  17. Undefeated? Give us a break. 

  18. Man it's nice reminiscing the days when Urijah seemed like an unstoppable animal.

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