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Uriah Hall vs Vitor Belfort is off | WEIGH-IN | UFC on FOX

Uriah Hall vs Vitor Belfort is scratched after Hall couldn’t make it to the weigh-ins. Paige VanZant vs Jessica Rose-Clark has been moved up to co-main event. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON…

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  1. Michael Johnson looks terrible at 145 why you saying he healthy

  2. News so bad they had to break out the dime piece

  3. Uriah Hall is always so close to becoming legendary, but something always sets him back. I really wanted to see him fight Silva, but this fight with Belfort could've really made his path to the belt closer.

  4. Mj kills him kills him good

  5. Uriah probably had a good Christmas…..

  6. vitor looks the best he has since the golden snitch took hold

  7. This is why cutting weight is POINTLESS! It used to be an advantage when a few bigger people were doing it in wrestling to gain a size advantage. Now that EVERY fighter is doing it and all walk around at least 20 pounds above the weight class, this practice gains absolutely no advantage while putting all fighters at risk. Fight at your natural weight. Same day weigh ins is the only thing that will force the fighters to stop being ignorant over an advantage that does not exist

  8. I wanted to see this fight really bad this sucks too bad for the Belfort fans we have to wait for his retire fight next time

  9. Hall is sewage, human sewage!!!!

  10. Tupac can come out of hiding and make history by KOing Belfort in his final match

  11. Who's this lady? Is she new?

  12. Hope michael makes a good run at 145

  13. They've scratched 3 off this card & ROCKHOLD WHITTAKER IS CANCELED too fml.

  14. vitor vs bisping in London!
    winner gets to retire, loser is relegated to bellator.
    Make it happen Dana!

  15. can't believe it.. will this means Belfort will retire now or til his next fight

  16. If we get enough views they'll give him a cool replacement

  17. Yeah because everybody wants to see PVZ beat a cherry picked fighter by the UFC just so she can become the UFCs little poster girl.

  18. Dope tat. The should have had it during the TRT Era.

  19. Elkins v Johnson should be co main

  20. If you’re not a racist get this to the top

  21. Do bisping vs belort rematch retirement fight in London with till vs wonder boy co main

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