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UFC Rankings Report: Rockhold, Perry, Hall, Usman Rise

Forrest Griffin and Matt Parrino discuss all the movement in the latest official UFC rankings release in this week’s episode of the Rankings Report. They talk Luke …

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  1. Forrest Griffin please slap your co host.

  2. That douchebag argued with Forrest and said Perry did give the dude props for stepping up….. No Perry did not. At least not in the post fight interview. Maybe in the backstage interview.

  3. Why was that guy being such a dick to forest. Constantly insulted him even though forest would kick his ass. Forest has amazing patience

  4. the people want cm punk vs floyd mayweather in the octagon make it happen

  5. Forest Griffin looks like a white ape

  6. Perry is freaking dangerous!

  7. I'm not gay or anything but I bet Mike Perry has a great girthy cock

  8. Can someone tell matt that he sticks his tongue out every 10 seconds, and its weird af

  9. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord JESUS, and shalt believe in thine heart that GOD hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved

    Romans 10:9

  10. Mike Perry aint tryna thank people for taking a fight on short notice he aint outhere tryna make friends dafuq

  11. Hey Matt does the UFC provide you with dental??
    You mentioned bad breath that has to be yours.

  12. Luke Rockhold vs Uriah Hall
    Yoel Romero vs Kelvin Gastelum
    Jacare Souza vs Chris Weidman
    Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

    Make it happen Dana.

  13. Who's the turd with the horse teeth that thinks he's cute?

  14. Cruz said the same thing about the defense but did he break it down? I wish Forrest would have broken down what is good defense with those 4 oz gloves

  15. Matt Parrino, back off, Griffin is the man. Nobody knows who you are.

  16. There needs to be a full ranking vid with these guyz..

  17. Perry got WHOPPED by Jouban never forget that.

  18. Mike perry looks like the bastard child of paul wall and mark ruffalo lol

  19. perry lets do street fight 50 k reply me

  20. forest needs to slap this brace face nerd

  21. this commentry guy .. he was good fightyvhe was nevergrest fighter… i see his fifht with anderson … he was like kid

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