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UFC Performance Institute: Meet The Team

Learn about the team helping enhance UFC athlete’s performance at the Performance Institute at the UFC’s Las Vegas headquarters. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR…

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  1. good high tech shit.but eventually its the spirit of the fighter that matters.

  2. shiet son, I love me a everything bagel!!

  3. Ok 27-1-1 who are the 1s?

  4. this is a great move by ufc, very professional decision, wonder what a bellator performance institute would look like lol

  5. I would like to train here for debut fighting the young boy who get bullied

  6. The fighter the nutritionist is talking to at 2:12 had to be hospitalized for kidney failure.

  7. Drive by this place everyday and it always looks empty with very few cars parked outside. What a waste of money since every fighter already has their own gym, trainer, and nutritionist

  8. I hate these places, to much technology and not enough talent. Look at what some boxers had to use in the 70's to the 90's and still most of the boxers of today are nowhere the level of some of the golden era fighters

  9. when was this filmed? because athletes who have trained there are not 27-1-1 since its inception. andrew sanchez and eric spicely both just lost recently. unless they are in the video but magically don't count towards those numbers…

  10. who the fuck cares about the "team"! I'm here to watch fights not to know fucking nobodies trying to put their retarded names out there. do they really think we care about them?…

  11. I'm happy for forrest, imagine if lomachenko trains there,he would be a machine for sure.

  12. At 0:50 Ngannou is asking the guy, "ehh Why are all theees peopol in my house" lol 😂

  13. a food nutritionist wouldn't be of need if fighters maned up and fought in their own weight instead of seeing skinny giants who are fighting men half their size because they're afraid to fight their own size

  14. Francis Ngannou basically lives here

  15. Fake news, doesn’t work. Connors stamina still sucks

  16. I would love a job here I'm tired of getting paid $10 an hour in Los Angeles it's modern slavery

  17. 27-1-1 record!

    Conor picking up that lone L

  18. It amazing that only a small portion of fighters utilize this place. 27-1-1 is fucking impressive.

  19. Um do fighters even train here…..like 97% of fighters don’t even live in Vegas

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