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  1. Hope Raging Al don't see this.

  2. Your scottish accents are just bad irish accents, dude. Perry was on point

  3. I can judge things. 3 is greater than 2, green is cooler than orange. Evaluation is an involuntary response to observation. Every judges everything all the time. Stop pretending judgement is a sin.

  4. All you punk bitches typing Ni—-a, STFU and read something educational.

    You are not cool like your favorite garbage rapper.

  5. lets rage? like the mighty bee?

  6. Weak Scottish accent…Ray sounds like a half assed McGregor accent

  7. 86,000+ Subs… fuck off…. this need millions how ain't UFC promoting this as a mini show amazing work bring funny to mma at its best

  8. Can't do Scottish. Really can't.

  9. Dodson said,"my plan was to go on there fast as fuck and confuse Eddie wine land. the plan from the beginning was to use my speed because I'm fast as fuck. just ask Eddie wineland. thank you Nashville .

  10. Wow, I thought your Irish accent was bad, but your Scottish is horrible

  11. Why isn't Cub glowing and floating in the air anymore ?

  12. HAHAHA the Stevie Ray is amazing!!

  13. This guy has comedy gold lol people please but the like button for Christ sake. Like WTF this shit is hilarious

  14. Is Al's face getting redder or am i too high?

  15. lol, stevie rat is scotting not irish, do your shit right Tommy, and fuck you, respectfully

  16. Platinum is the man. Don't hate on him Tommy

  17. at the hall of fame, Stevie Ray looked more bored than a Hillary Voter at a steak eating contest. But I guess he was there for Teddy Long

  18. Artem is a shit cunt, I woulda knocked out cub in the first round – Artem Lobov

  19. Chee-zus gave him that elbow.

  20. Oh shit the Stevie Ray bit. lol

  21. so no love for my dude OSP?

  22. I'd like to petition for Smile'n Sam Alvey to make an appearance.

  23. Why isn't Cub glowing and still the enlightened one?


  25. Jesus the Cub impersonation is scary good!

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