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Marlon Sandro charged with attempted murder

Marlon Sandro is in serious hot water in Brazil. The 37-fight veteran faces multiple charges …


  1. Jason Knight Vs. Gabriel Benitez looking forward to it.

  2. Nate is a fucking drunk fuck these days..he would still probably take the cry baby rampage though..

  3. i'm sick to death of hearing anything Habib says. I could care less at this point. I've lost interest. Get in and do a tune-up fight and then start telling us what you think about this and that. Until then, shut up.

  4. well atleast we know now that rampage is soft.

  5. Rampage "this is mine" Jackson

  6. Noobs, hi!!!

    Before you go any further… Nick used to tell the story of Rampage stealing some chick off him in a Burger King when Rampage was famous and Nick was not… This was a set up video with both parties making fun of that story ''hey, hey, I have never done this to you''…like, love or hate either, or both men, but this shit is a joke, so just comment about McGregor.

  7. 2 LLs in 28 Days!! hahaha cracked me up xD

  8. Why does ShishKhabab not want to fight Conor all of a sudden? Conor won the belt fair and square via one-sided-asswhoopin'. Fatboy Khabib is ducking imo.

  9. Diaz vs rampage for the return of the ages. Make it happen dana!

  10. Khabib also said he would take the Barboza fight if UFC booked Ferguson v Mecregor.

  11. "Shut up." – Nick Diaz

  12. Brah I would be more mad at the hoe than at Nick. She's all flirting back and shit

  13. As mma fan think nick can stand with rampage will be a cool fight lol

  14. One of the biggest roast lines here was "Frank Mir still doing stand up". Oh my god XD

  15. Rampage should be in acting

  16. Both Rampage and Nick were SAUCED!!! too funny

  17. For all you MMA Newfags that come from watching WWE or sucking the cum off Conor's Nut rag it's a joke . Rampage did that to Nick back in the day when Nick was coming up .

  18. I thought Tony, was god aweful in that fight he was taken down and beat up id say staff infection won that fight

  19. Smh khabib trying to stay relevant conor vs tony is the fight we want

  20. Rampage will always be my favorite. Best personality in MMA. Him and Bas crack me up.
    209 bitch!

  21. UFC 218 rumored bout, Derrick Lewis vs. His back.

  22. Man I hate seeing Nick with a beer in his hand. I saw on one of his snapchats not too long ago and he was talking about how wasted him and his friends got the night before. Nick has always lived such a healthy lifestyle and it seems that since he hasn't been fighting he has been indulging in stuff he never would have before.

  23. Rampage Jackson' s girlfriend is about to break her neck looking up at him and Nick Diaz.

  24. tony Ferguson could be the won to end mcgregor legit his a hungry wolf lookin 4 top spot while mcgregor been a rich fat pig

  25. Cyborg always has some shit to say

  26. 1:50 So cool they should play this out. I remember a interview a while back Nick saying when he was younger before he got in the fight game that Rampage a big MMA star at the time did this exact same thing to him (for real) and took away a girl he was in love with.

  27. Conor vs tony
    Khabib vs nate
    Like if this the fight to make

  28. Was that staged or real between Rampage and Nick?

  29. Rampage and nick drunk as fuuck

  30. Wait a minute!! Frank Mir is funny ?

  31. MMA Digest never ceases to amaze me. Perfect comedic timing and straight to the point MMA news you want to hear, no one does it better.

  32. Conrad's championship reign is more false than an arab surfer

  33. Ferguson v Diaz, McGregor fights the winner, khabib can just fuck off and eat tiramisu

  34. Anything Rampage does is hilarious.

  35. Rampage "come to my weight class" Jackson

  36. Rampage is awesome as hell

  37. Been trying to tell people, there's a simple fix for LW division. Kevin Lee vs Nate Diaz and Ferguson vs McGregor. In the meantime, we are still waiting to see the winner of Khabib vs Tiramisu.

  38. Yo anyone remember the story Nick told about back in pride when Rampage straight jacked his girl lol

  39. Khabib needs to beat the scale first.

  40. Mma digest you are the best mma chanel on youtube mark my words

  41. rampage has done it to Nick a long time ago

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