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  1. Why no love for stone cold stipe 🙁

  2. stone cold stipe does suck.

  3. this is my new funniest one next to nick diaz greatest, I watched this 15 times already

  4. The Bearko Crocop joke did make me laugh like crazy 😀 but it was a bad impersonation of both Mirko and Stipe. Mirko is a classy sportsman, not insulting people, he gets angry and insulting only if he is insulted, and even then he keeps his class…

    Dana have been portrayed clouse enoguh though… actually he is way softer here than he is in real life…Dana is hands down within top 10 worst persons of all time.

  5. Bearko Cro Cop made it worth the watch. But only that.

  6. I don't care what anyone says this is fucking hilarious

  7. The stipe thing was never funny, i don't get why he keeps bringing him up

  8. K tommy. Been a fan for a while. Your recent success it seems has made you lazy. All you do is these quick post mortem shows that you can tell you bang out in an hour. Shits getting a bit stale for real

  9. I dont know how youtube works but I hope you dont get any money for doing this.

  10. Mirko's accents sounds more brasilian than east european. Not a good one Tommy.

  11. +TommyToeHold can I have a birthday shout out from Nate Diaz on the next episode my name is Ruben Fuentes in Corpus Christi Tx thanks you motherfucker

  12. Stone Cold stuff hasn't been funny in 15 years.  Stick with McGregor and Nate Diaz.

  13. that was a garbage video tommy…..step your game up

  14. I wonder if any of the fighters have ever seen any TTTHS eps, and made any comments…?

  15. Stone Cold Stipe needs to be retired Tommy. It has ran it's course and is now the equivalent of Tito Ortiz & Stephen Bonnar's Bellashit fight.

  16. have a hard time to watch the whole thing, because every time Stipe talks I throw my computer out the window

  17. Your Stipe fucking sucks. Cro Cop was funny. Fuck you anyway

  18. Bearko Cro Cop, best thing EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

  19. Even though TTH is a human/cartoon hybrid piece of garbage, I really enjoyed this.

  20. man TTTH has been sucking for a while now. and no im not on the joke right now.

  21. The stone cold stipe thing is literally the dumbest and longest drawn out thing since your birth, tommy.

  22. Can someone please explain the stone cold angle on stipe?

  23. Ridiculous ashkenazi/khazarian bullshit, pff

  24. I think Stipe is my least favorite character.

  25. Anyone who thumbs this down has NO sense of humor. This is hilarious!

  26. Jesus i'm so fucking horny!

  27. Hay, Tommy, when your done being terrible, can you finally do a video explaining the falcon? You can only run so many jokes to the ground before you have to explain Lou.

  28. Too much, barely funny sorry

  29. Leon Edwards looks like he could be the Real Deal!!

  30. Why is Stipe associated with Stone Cold? What did I miss? Thank you in advance.

  31. I heard your interview on Chael Sonnen's podcast, that's awesome man!!!

  32. Noticing a pattern with the like/dislike ratio in videos featuring Stone Cold Stipe… Hmmmm wonder why

  33. This video will get thumbs up by the power of cheezus! Tommy you goof, I am going to spam spinning head kicks until you make more fun of the Aldo Connor McSmeggor fight.

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