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UFC Gdansk Results

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  1. Artem is a fucking trash!! I'd rekt that bum… Told you cowboy is overrated..

  2. He needs to take a long time off. Loosing to these fucking bums

  3. 13-14 a record that will stand the test of time. All hail Artem Goat.

  4. Karolina Kowalkiewicz is such a cutie and such a great fighter..

  5. 13-14 that’s why he is the GOAT

  6. Donald Cerrone is a great fighter, but once he gets to the top 5, he is so inconsistent.. Bummers!

  7. These Rousey's in the comments lol. "He lost only 3 fights! RETIRE!"

  8. Hahaha! The Siberian express got derail.. Choo choo, bummers!

  9. Yes Till hell of a performance!

  10. Nobody realises that loss is a step in Lobov´s Masterplan to conquer the world

  11. 3 loses in a row against BEASTS

  12. Artem will be back, choo choo motherfuckers

  13. Conor just doesn't give a fuck anymore

  14. Cowboy is about to be in the Diego Sanches, Joe Louzan, Mike Miller category. Sadly.

  15. Cowboy needs to drop all that other shit now and focus. He’s going downhill.

  16. If the ufc care for cowboys health they better not let him fight in December smh

  17. delete delete delete UFC followed by obsolete

  18. Artem should retire dog shit of a fighter

  19. Artem did NOT lose…. He put fili over so he can get the recognition. Artem will always be the goat and he was just trying to help a un n comer on the come up. Artem>Fedor

  20. Let's f*cking scrap right now -Mike Perry

  21. The GOAT has been defeated…

    Rip Tiramisu 🙁

  22. Conor is such a fucken attention whore, acting like a retard running around the cage following Artem wherever he was fighting in the octagon

  23. Tiramisu 2-1 the UFC
    That should tell you how good Darren Till is

  24. artem lobov the goatest of all time still

  25. Perry is too careless for till,he will be countered and put to sleep

  26. 420 Diaz 😂 but I'm still really sad cowboy lost

  27. What cowboy could of been with a good training regime and not taking so many fights… ah well guess that wouldn’t of been cowboy then

  28. Told you, cerrone is fucked.

  29. Khabib would make Darren kill hill his maid. #feedkhabib

  30. Legend has it you used to be able to flip a coin to see if Artem would win or lose

  31. respect that Artem let Fili get in the W colum again

  32. when he says 420 nick diaz with the 420 sign pops up. what a memer

  33. I remember when Held was supposed to come into the ufc and start submitting everyone. That went great

  34. Conor will finally defend against Artem, just to keep him in the UFC

  35. Arterm and lansberg suckkk

  36. Cowboy vs stun gun Kim. Not the most exciting match but it should be a good fight and will probably put cowboy in the win column again

  37. Cowboy has the dark aura of getting let go around him…

  38. Thank You Darren Till, I was fucking broke as fuck and its the 21st of the month and I didnt have rent. You just paid my rent and then some. I'd like to see Wonderboy vs Till that is a dream match up right there.

  39. Somebody has to save cowboy from himself . These constant fights are going to turn him into Diego Sanchez .

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