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UFC Fight Night Shanghai: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the Fight Night Shanghai Post-fight Press Conference live following the event. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT…

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  1. Bisping should get two more fights against Weidman and Rockhold III so they can be the final nails to his coffin

  2. The fuck is this gibberish..

  3. I hope the fighters, their team and their family enjoyed China. I assume for most of them it would be the first time in China. Hope they take the time to go elsewhere other than leaving after the event.

  4. Came here to make fun of Bisping!! :/

  5. Ching ching wa won ching Chang cho chin Chang

  6. My goodness, they take forever to say the simplest thing!

  7. UFC really needed to have an edited version of this video.

  8. 29:28 "cat gets killed, reporters are eating well tonight."

  9. Probably the worst most boring post fight press conferences I have ever seen and like others came here for Bisping and not a load a Chinese wittering on for hours

  10. Gastelum would cause hell at 170 if he could make it comfortable. Think he's too limited physically to be best in the world at 185, there are some gorrila middleweights. Props to Bisping for stepping in, fighter through and through I'm from the UK and hope to see Kelvin keep improving. That kid can fight!

  11. 29:27 Damn What the fuck was that unholy creature!

  12. Fights to make next: Gastelum vs jacare or romero, Bisping vs romero or jacare, Li jing liang vs alex garcia, Zabit magomedsharipov vs richardo lamas, Song yadong vs mirsad bektic, Song kenan vs belal muhammad

  13. Fuck this zing zong zung jibberish.learn some english

  14. Nobody gives a fuck about these Chinese fighters we all know they suck ass in the ufc!!! Now where is bisping!!!

  15. id like to see Bisping fight david branch for his last fight : )

  16. I wish Bolo from bloodsport was in the #UFC

  17. I like this accent from Shanghai, different from the accent in Beijing

  18. If someone gets hurt at training, we'll see Bisping in December again! 🙂

  19. That fucking reporter the fighters look like kill me our this is a sick joke

  20. Bisping isn't one of the best in world, He just feeLs He is one. I Knew he wiLL get knocked-out by keLvin, He didn't even deserve to be a Champ, He defeated 2 40 yr. OLD GUYS and got Lucky in the RockhoLd fight. The got himseLf outcLassed, knocked down, beaten to a puLp then submitted LIVE on tv by GSP, and then Knocked his Lights out by KeLvin. Go RETIRE you Bad Mouth British Moron of a fighter, This is the KARMA for you being cocky, arrogant, disrespectfuL to other fighters country, and spitting on their cornerman. Go RETIRE, MMA doesn't need a fighter Like you ,,/,,

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  22. shity translator,he is Taiwanese,cant even understand mainland Chinese,he translated “bonus” for “future development”,“more frequently” for “bigger event”

  23. thailand would be huge!! good luck getting mma legalised tho as muay thai is their national sport and the corrupt government wont let it through

  24. this is hilarious. worst format

  25. Waho Chung ho chung ti tun tun wong kwa pwa chung chung chuuu chuui chuiiing chhhu chhhhhhaaaa!

  26. This translator, jesus christ headache. Its pain to listen.

  27. Bisping is a hero, a legend and an amazing role model.

  28. Ufc always puts the loser of the match in the thumbnail.


  30. Well it's no wonder why the post conference is over an hour long… much respect though.

  31. Wow China can take over the ufc! Is this the only time where a card was not timed to suit USA audiences? It was local time china..

  32. This is hard to watch. We need time stamps.

  33. why couldnt they hire a proper announcer? this guy sucks at english and sucks at chinese wtf? seriously jesus fucking christ how hard can it fucking be

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