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UFC 226: The Thrill and the Agony – Sneak Peek

Re-live the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat from UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier. Watch the full episode on UFC FIGHT PASS: …

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  1. Joe and DC's hi five was trash tho lol good for DC on the win

  2. I'm super new to this just getting into following UFC but could someone explain to me what's the deal with eye poking? Allowed? Not allowed? They just released a bunch of slow motion vids showing Cormier doing that to Miocic. His face after the fight looked like someone cut it with a small knife and I guess that's from Cormier's fingernails.

  3. 00:55 Luke Rockhold.
    Former UFC middleweight champion and Daniel Cormiers Husband

  4. 0:16 LMAOF "What happened??" . Was he chatting on his phone?

  5. Even though Cormier is one of my favourite fighters and a well deserved fighter , I do feel very sorry for miocic

  6. Hey, can we stop hating on Dana, look how respectful he was towards DC

  7. Anyone remembers some guy called Conor McGregor? Me neither.

  8. DC is the FUCKING MAN.

    He began fighting MMA in his early 30S, Wins LW in Mid 30s and HW at 39😮
    To achieve this level of greatness in that age span is simply amazing and so so difficult , something we'll likely never witness again in our lifetimes, very rare talent and feat by DC.. Fuck Brock
    DC vs Jones at Heavyweight would be the biggest fight EVER

  9. It trips me out that nobody, especially the media, is mentioning the eye pokes. DC was on the verge of getting KOd before he decided to take a page out of his daddy Jon Jones's play book

  10. sad stipe lost, buts its a big learning experience for him and his coaches man …. before the fight they werent worried at all, their preparation were too predictable … this is a big learning curve no doubt

  11. 0:29 DC's wife is extremely calmed! So extrange…, especially considering she's Mexican, and has that hot blood.

  12. Wasn't even worth sound biting Steroid Boy. And anyone with a brain knows exactly who that soundbite belongs too.

  13. I could say better things to dc son drunk and on molly then what awkward rock hold said

  14. Thumbs Way up! congratulations to the best type of champ anyone could ask for, DC!!! double champ. couldn't have happened to a better guy!

  15. So happy for him. Couldn't of happened to a better man. Congrats DC aka Double Champ

  16. There a argument that Daniel cormier is the greatest of all time, his resume is perfect excluding his losses to jon jones, As a human being and personality the man is an inspiration

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