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UFC 226: Anthony Pettis ‘I’m On My Way Back Up’

We catch up with Anthony Pettis backstage at UFC 226 following his thrilling win over Michael Chiesa. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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  1. Michael Chiesa mum-"THIS IS STILL MY BOY"

  2. Positive for COCAINE!!!!! USADA

  3. Megan O is the Doris Burke of the UFC. Such a talent at creating narratives.

  4. MeganO is the Doris Burke of the UFC. Such a talent at creating narratives.

  5. That faggot isnt going anywhere. He beat a fucking homeless bum with a meth mullet. 😝 Lets not get too cocky.

  6. You beat a gatekeeper lol stfu

  7. One of my faves, Showtime is back!

  8. "See you in Bellator, Mel Gibson!"

  9. Anthony Petis would be the champion if Eddie Alvarez didn't hold him against the cage the whole fight.

  10. Anthony "The Gatekeeper" Pettis

  11. That win was so satisfying.

  12. I think he needs to shut the fuck up and perform. Stop talking about where you’re at and just show it

  13. Let's go showtime!🇲🇽🇵🇷

  14. His submission game has to be the most underrated in mma.. The dude was a purple belt and subbed Ben Henderson who was won bjj tournaments and is a high level black belt

  15. Kick CM faggot Punk outta your gym!!

  16. Sent Chiesa to another weightclass

  17. Chiesa must've forgot . Pettis submission game is underrated but proven effective when he took the title from Benson Henderson. I'm glad Anthony Pettis is getting it together. He's getting older, so it's better to rely on your knowledge and experience.

  18. Pettis vs Fergie
    I am a high level match maker

  19. Pettis fights a lot better when hes not on the same card with his brother i this theres a big adrenaline dump having to watch you brother fight. I know how pumped i get well watching some of my favorite fighters i would think it has some effect on him

  20. Calm down Pettis. You beat Chiesa who has beat no one.

  21. Haha who's going to bellator now haha chiesa every time he steps up he fails and he calls Conor a bum haha 😂

  22. When did michael chiesa win? He better quit :p

  23. You could tell Pettis strikes had way more pop on them. Because Chiesa kept going that didn't hurt that didn't hurt then why am I falling down. Poirier is lucky his shoulders are double jointed and there was blood everywhere or Pettis would of submitted him too.

  24. why is he staring at her like he wants to touch her lol

  25. I hope pettis is on his way back up. The old legend deserves a belt, it's been very sad watching his fights and him losing..knowing he was only inches away from being up there p4p best rankings with Anderson Silva and aldo. Plus it was good to see that hobo looking smelly shit tattoos mutha fucka lose.

  26. Go get your belt pettis!
    Viva Mexico putos! 🇲🇽

  27. Fucking get in, Showtime is BACK!!!!!!!

  28. I thought Pettis was getting his ass beat…surprised me

  29. Good to see him get the W in his loss against poirer he showed he still had it. I'd love to see hm face raging al next.

  30. At the end of every sentence this fucking bum sticks his tongue out like a snake. I just want to rip it out of his empty head.

  31. Michael the snitch Chiesa rat dog made Pettis angry for snitching on Conor – rule number 1 never snitch on your fellow fighters !

    That fooking soy boy snowflake cuck put a restraining order on Conor I am so glad Pettis destroyed him – what a rat bag snitching on your fellow fighters for profit !

  32. damn, i was hoping pettis would heel kick that fucking mullet off that clowns head

  33. Showtime is back! He didn't look like the best version of showtime, but i can see this win got that confidence back 💪😎

  34. dude is talking so fast I'm on .50 speed lol

  35. Chisea is speaking to his lawyers as we speak

  36. Great fighter but such an annoying face

  37. Man he beat that red neck ass lol my guy and dc beat stipe dc goat

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