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UFC 225: Weigh-in Recap

Check out the recap of the UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2 weigh-in from Chicago. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience …

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  1. Romiro should be the winner. F()ck off UFC.. i dont watch this sh1t anymore

  2. I hope that Rafael Dos Anjos gives a beating to that evil born of the devil

  3. The Chicago commission robbed Yoel of one hour to rid himself of that one extra pound from 186 lbs. Why no one mentions this. Had they allowed him the two full hours, as stated by regulations, he would have made 185 lbs. easily. IMO 185.2 is close enough, considering what transpired.This is not lack of responsibility from Yoel, who has only missed weight one time, in a 30 year athletic career including, 10 Olympic years. This is a situation were the commission screwed the weight cut. Fair play for Yoel.

  4. I got Holly lookin like a truck

  5. This Colby is disgusting, I can't even look at his face.

  6. Whittaker,RDA,and my Holly girl

  7. Yoel "find a way to cheat" Romero

  8. Yoel "Soldier of Devil" Romero

  9. for a second he thought stipe topped

  10. Couldn't yoel have checked weight in his room before 2 weigh in and get rid of that 90 grams and commission should've gave him 10 mins to make weight again ……….he is 40 this could be the last title shot of his career

  11. I think it would be more entertaining if Megan fought CM Punk, and Holly fights the unknown photographer. They will both leave 0-2, and we move on for good.

  12. Please Colby….get ur face smashed tomorrow night

  13. Covington…what a fucking asshole

  14. Romero… such a fraudulent gorilla.

  15. Whats with this lame YouTube update .?

  16. Get some rest Yoel.Sleep now and kill him tomorrow.

  17. Breaking: Roidfail Dos Sanjos got knocked out by Colby

  18. Colby is innocent, i feel kind of bad…

  19. If anyone wants to bet on Colby hit me up I got rda all day

  20. God damn Yoel point two now ur gonna win two belts u can't have unreal

  21. If Romero misses weight again, they need to setup Romero's next match so he fights Bam Bam.

  22. Rogan didnt get slapped😱😂

  23. After seeing two scary middleweights that don't act and are just real, then seeing childish Colby it got annoying. He looks like a child and has proven to be a very sensitive one.

  24. I see this in my dreams fucken wanna be Conor hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🤡🤡🤡🤡

  25. Megan is Ben Shapiro's twin brother .

  26. I don't feel sorry for the dreamer beaner version of the white guilt liberal pussy slim shady !

  27. Yoel  " God said I didn't need to make weight " Romero

  28. Coby or Coldy, Corny whatever his name is had the perfect opportunity to confront Joe today. All that shit talk and nothing. Honestly hope he gets nuked

  29. Whittaker will remain champion. Mark my words!!!!

  30. Let’s go Whitt he win pull off that victory for sure I’m gonna cheer for Whitt

  31. Lemon juice rob 2s 9 fools lacking. With no tool sorry blue sky no mama wait who fly late thru the alley valley make a hustle and a rumble now we crumble now we what

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