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UFC 225: The Thrill and The Agony – Sneak Peek

Re-live the thrill and the agony from an incredible night of fights at UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2 with this UFC FIGHT PASS Original series. Full Episode: …

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  1. I like that Colby’s sister is ride or die when it comes to family. That’s a good quality

  2. Colbys sister can get it. Have to be right up her ass though, don't want to accidentaly become a relative of Colby lmao.

  3. I feel for Yoel. I mean look at his corner they were so fucking sure that they won the fight and then Whittaker gets the decision its ridiculous

  4. I thought Romero had it…. And in hindsight, Romero did have it.

  5. They fucked a 41 year old grandad! Yoel is my hero and the best middleweight that ever walked the earth, I don’t care about anyone else saying otherwise, he is a fucking legend of the sport and they did him dirt!

  6. -Will you fight Yoel for a third time? Joe Rogan, -hehe cold sweating intesifies Whittaker

  7. Look in my eyes what do you see..
    Two losses in the UFC

  8. And still, go suck a dick yoel.

  9. colbys sister needs to get BLACKED

  10. "Dana! 50 G babeeeeee!" – Mike Jackson

  11. Tyron Woodley is gonna tear Covington to shreds

  12. I’m just gonna leave this here ROBERT WHITAKER LOST

  13. Romero lost. Facts dont care about your feelings.

  14. Main event should've been a draw

  15. I still think RDA is the far superior fighter. If it was a street fight we know who’d win. There’s no cage to hold up against.

  16. UFC 225: The Yoel Romero Robbery

  17. Here come evryone overrating that guy's sister now.

  18. Notice how Dana walks backwards when Yoel grabs him, like a Bum is getting too close.

  19. Why was romeros corner saying you’re the champ? Even with a ko he wouldnt have been the champ

  20. I would rail his sister Jesus

  21. Romero taking those headkicks.. Dude's got no neck lmao, just uniform head/neck/upper body like old-school Batman.

    Whittaker is a tough motherfucker too.. What fucking heart this guy has, and only 27. Hopefully injuries don't fuck him up, GOAT potential if I ever seen one.

  22. Romero either won or it was a draw. There is no way Whittaker won that fight, and I'm a Bobby Knuckles fan.

  23. I have never seen Woodley ever be as half as scary as Candace.

  24. Brace yourselves for the salty Yoel fans

  25. Covington sister is a tranny.

  26. He tried to kiss Dana I Luuu you. Dana couldn't get away lol

  27. dude covingtons sister is FUCKING THICC

  28. Fucking delighted to see that look on Jason Purillos face oh man what a cunt

  29. i’d smash Covington’s Sister AND mother

  30. All the Yoel's fans can cry as much as they want but it won't change the fact that Rob won and 2-0 #STILL

  31. Colby's sister is nice…

  32. Many idiots here in the comment section.

  33. Colbys sister probably champion at sucking cock

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