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UFC 225: Fight Motion

Take a look back at some of the highlights from UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2 in slow motion. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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  1. What's with this shitty fucking music?

  2. Great video but awful audio… Could not of picked a worse music!

  3. Whitaker was awesome and is such a great champion!

  4. De La Rocha is made out of rock!

  5. I luh you Mike. See you soon… boy.

  6. My head hurts watching this

  7. What a champion you are Robert Whittaker!!

  8. Thank you fight motion. Any music you put on is fine. Idgaf

  9. Loving the FL Studio sampler tracks, team!

  10. Hey good job this was very nice

  11. Wow, what the actual fuck is this music

  12. “I thought I should learn a little bit about (MMA),” said Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell (D-Manhattan), who is gay. “Well, I should really like it. You have two nearly naked, hot men trying to dominate each other. That’s gay porn with a different ending.”

  13. I can see Dana Matt and Joe playing this full volume in their car and bobbing their heads to it

  14. Ok I actually really like this music. Am I alone here?

  15. Awful music and biased coverage. Should have shown way more shots from Colby and Rob

  16. Romero probably weighed 210 in the octagon and he still lost 3 rounds + Whittaker landed 151 significant strikes to Yoel's 128. Yoel is an overrated, cheating faggot who belongs at LHW. Yeah he knocked Robert down but then what? He couldn't finish it. Robert may not have scored takedowns but he landed brutal head kicks and definitely wobbled yoel a couple of times, he closed one of Yoel's eyes completely, and he left his face looking like he got hit by a car (and yoel is dark so it isn't because of his complexion) – all despite the fact that Yoel has an obvious weight advantage. Robbery my ass.

  17. 2:38. Bobby knuckles isnt scary at all..

  18. That throat strike at 16 seconds looks intentional. I think they should be allowed, but pretty sure they are not. He properly drove that right in there.

  19. I still haven’t seen the full Whittaker/Romero fight just highlights..the highlights make it seem like Romero landed more significant shots..is that the only part of fight he really won?

  20. "Back to the drawing board" – cm punk

  21. The best fights where free excluding yoels and whittakers

  22. Those jumps were the real highlights from RDA vs Colby lmao 😂

  23. Romero did nothing the whole fight except those 2 knockdowns, so what the fuck are you delusional cunts talking about? Whittaker clearly won.

  24. Proud White man here. What's wrong with being proud of my white european ancestry and my masculinity as a man?

  25. Sergio is pretty good!! But still a little pussyboy

  26. Why you including shit "highlights" from that joke of a fight between a reporter and a pro wrestler? Plenty of other real fights to pick from.

  27. Man it’s crazy seeing Benavidez get dropped by Pettis and then seeing the two heavyweights taking bombs from each other and still standing.

  28. Dana White: farts
    Producer: Hey let's make a beat out of it and play it under our ufc 225 fight motion video

    Everybody in the room: cheers

  29. A draw would be reasonable but you’re high if you think Whittaker won.

  30. I’m not mad at the music they chose.

  31. Whats up with that ghetto music?

  32. The music is awful. Whose idea was this

  33. This guy must of been on some shit. Don't know why they with this music but it's gotta go.

  34. was really hoping the overeem TKO would have been on here.

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