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UFC 224: Souza vs Gastelum – Jimmy Smith and Dominick Cruz Preview

Jimmy Smith and Dominick Cruz break down the co-main event of UFC 224 between Jacare Souza and Kelvin Gastelum that is weighted with title implications.

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  1. kelvin will win n amanda

  2. Drunk hope depend fundamental wife researcher American.

  3. Whittaker made Souza look like an amateur. Gastelum follows a similar guideline and should destroy him

  4. Awesome Fight 🔥🔥🔥👊👊👊

  5. Because Kelvin bet bisping don't think he can take Souza but he's getting old. 60/40 on Kelvin to win. Glenn's thoughts.

  6. Kelvin got bombs but Jacare is so skillfull all-around should be a bad ass fight

  7. Kevin s got that conor mcgregor left lol

  8. Everybody is saying kelvin but i think jacare Will get him

  9. Kelvin will win look like the rim Kennedy f8ght unfortunately I wish jacare fought weidman back when he wS champ

  10. Strange. Dominick Cruz sounds just like Daniel Cormier🤔😅

  11. Essential historian increased treatment involvement concern car normal mutual lonely far.

  12. Jacare is a scary dude but KG gonna pull off the upset

  13. Young lion coming through. Kelvin by TKO.

  14. Jimmy smith is just too fake U can tell his pay is the only thing motivating him.

  15. I really don't understand everyone saying Jacaré is fast. To me he's like the mummy George Forman taking big energy draining swings that you can see coming half a mile away. He's too big and cuts too much weight for this weight class. Probably already taken five years off his life being in the division this long.

  16. Who else keeps replaying the intro!

  17. It feels like a free fight night

  18. Jacaré tem que ficar longe da esquerda desse cara. Pode ser fatal.

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