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UFC 224: Post-fight Press Conference Highlights

Check out the highlights from the UFC 224 Post-fight Press conference. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience UFC live …

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  1. I think the best way to stop cheaters like Dern is to cancel a fight if a fighter misses weight by a couple of pounds or more and pay the fighter who made weight – no pay check for the cheater.


  3. Nunes is an absolute beast. The way her opponent feared Nunes reminded me of Anderson Silva in his prime. People were so scared to engage with Anderson Silva that they would freeze up like a deer in a headlight. Nunes is the new female Anderson Silva.

  4. Nunes's lats are as big as mine. Thats ridonkulous

  5. I really don't understand why all of these losers find dern so attractive? you realize that there are MANY women out there that have a nice body like that with even better faces, correct? probably the majority of these worshipers are fat and can't get girls without paying for them. All i gotta say is puerto ricans.

  6. Nunes vs cyborg make it happen that will be a war

  7. Sou brasileiro adimirador de luta etc , porém tá difícil de ver essas palhaçadas no ufc agora , vou torce pra ronda voltar , porque assim agora categoria feminina avacalhando tudo , viro zona ficam se beijando lá no ringue etc como se isso fosse normal , muita sapatona nessa merda . Quer fazer duas coisas faça mas não nas câmeras pq quem é família não gosta desse tipo de atitude , respeito o ser humano ,mas não respeito o não natural . Acho só desnecessário acha que agora viro moda essa merda e acha que as famílias convencionais te, que aceita isso a força ..ridículo ver as lutadoras dando a mão beijinho etc coisa ridícula .
    Volta ronda mais feminina ,mais mulher mesmo ..
    E já adianto aqui que não to nem aí que pensam contrário que eu ,não sou obrigado a acha que essa merda é natural .

  8. I'm impressed with Nunes performance(inside and outside of the cage) and her fight style. I see her in a similar boat as Demetrious Johnson- they're fighters who have cleaned out their divisions and need to fight the champion from one weight class up from them-Cris Cyborg for Nunes, and TJ Dillashaw for Mighty Mouse (can't wait to see both of those fights in the future, they will be great fights). I love a fight where it's hard to predict a winner because the matchups are so tight.

  9. champions like these is not great for the sport👎👎👎 Amanda is not a woman at all. no respect ever 👎👎👎

  10. Jacare lost because he didn't have his signature bald head. Bald head= intimidating look. Jacare with hair= slow looking

  11. Rocky is a bum, give me a fucking break, she's a chubby chubbster joke.

  12. Cris Cyborg… "here kitty kitty kitty"…. Amanda Nunez….. MEOW!!

  13. I dont think I've ever seen Amanda nunes in a bad mood lol awesome champ

  14. This translator really REALLY hates his fucking job.

  15. Blah blah blah no surprise Pennington wasn’t ready for Nunes
    My question is : when’s nunes going to step up and take on cyborg ? Yeah ……

  16. Nunes vs shevchenko

    Winner fights cyborg!

  17. " I can't do anything about it " her saying this making so mad…

  18. Everyone is talking about Pennington's corner well they had to push her so she wouldn't regret it later. Honestly no one was interested in this fight we knew what would happen the only fight with Amanda Nunez that interest me is Vr's Chris Cyborg. The U.F.C got me pumped about it then took it away. Unless that fight happens Nunez legacy is going to be a Dominant fighter who took fights that wasn't in her class. I guess it's better then Tyquil Woodley his last fight was a jab and stare him nor his opponent wanted to engage.

  19. Jacare needs to go back to an elite gym. Good guy.

  20. Who the F cares about Dern's father being there???
    Is this really a topic that needs to be discussed over and over again?

  21. Dern is so hatable. Her next fight should be against Valentina at flyweight.

  22. Dern Came In Lookn Thick asf😍

  23. One of the most forgettable champions ever. Can't wait for cyborg to break her

  24. something was wrong with jacare he wasnt in the a great shape gassed too fast

  25. Weight advantage gives you an advantage in almost all aspects of fighting.

  26. McKenzie said she didn't use the sauna to try and cut weight because saunas make her hungry, especially for ice cream.

  27. UFC has become the McDonalds of MMA.
    Boring… predictable… It's junk MMA now.

  28. I say give Dern a break. Maybe she just had a really bad weight cut. I don't know her, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She seems like a nice girl and not a cheater. Hopefully she doesn't repeat this though.

  29. D ern says she was calm going into the fight relaxed. Well that's easy to do when your not trying to cut weight. She didn't even look like she tried to lose weight. Hope this cheater gets Ads Whooped soon.

  30. Rocky is so bad….words cannot describe how terrible she is.Standing still with feet together just waiting to throw sloppy punches.Wmma is DISRESPECTFUL to the men.

  31. Damn, Nunes is ugly as fuck. She looks like her ass stinks.

  32. everybody talking Cyborg vs Nunes but they really need to put Dern's overweight ass up against Cyborg. Let her eat all she wants. Just more of her for Cyborg to break.

  33. O cara diz que treina pra caramba e tal, chega na hora da luta e morre no primeiro round. Jacaré nunca vai ser campeão dessa categoria, tá vacilando demais, que cardio vergonhoso.

  34. The main event was co-headlined by a 9-7 fighter….that's barely better then Artem! Come on UFC, if you want to be taken seriously start ordering your fights better!

  35. Amanda Nunes looks like a buff Tom Holland. (No hate tho)

  36. fucking translator, impossible to understand shit…seu viado

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