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UFC 224: Mackenzie Dern Octagon Interview

After improving to 2-0 in the UFC, Jon Anik caught up Mackenzie Dern inside the Octagon. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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  1. Is everyone really that stupid to think that the translator was for Mackenzie Dern ?

    The translator was there for the Brazilian crowd, he was even present translating Jon Anik when Gastelum won and Gastelum is Mexican American.

    People are such idiots

  2. Why doe she have a translator now? 5 yrs ago she spoke perfect English. Ive seen the videos, this is weird but anyways, congrats to her!

  3. Why in the fuck does she need a translator??? This is ridiculous. Lol

  4. Ready for her to lose already.

  5. She should fight for the title

  6. fake fraud accent!!!
    Really Dern? A translator?


  8. Her accents not the problem, it’s the fact that she is obviously trying to make her words sound broken, like she purposely is speaking incorrect English

  9. Dern is a CHEAT & a
    DISCRACE!! but tbh
    The other chick got outstruck
    By a fat grappler. Both trash imo

  10. It seems that missing weight will guarentee a win in 2018..everyone who ahs won with no further punishment other than teh small 30%….
    UFC is currupt

  11. look at this girl! she coulda EASILY lost more fuking weight… oh well. hopefully she moves up to flyweight instead of fighting straw weights at a higher weight class? seriously wtf? lol

  12. LMFAO what a shit show…

  13. People are mad because she prefer Brazil than US,thats funny.

  14. Why does she need a translator? Only a few years ago she was speaking perfect english.

  15. Big titties and ass….. that’s it

  16. UFC, the fans have spoken. We hate her.

  17. This fat bitch is a disgrace. fighting a weight class up (short of 1.6 lbs) is a fucking travesty. Good new guys, she has it figured out! "I think it's my diet"… NO SHIT. "The weight wasnt coming off anymore in the sauna"… NO SHIT, THE PROBLEM ISNT WATER WEIGHT, ITS FAT DEPOSITED ALL OVER YOUR DISGUSTING BODY! This pig… I cant wait to see her face more shame and critisicm

  18. OMFG, this bitch is faker than Kylie Jenner for christ sake! UFC is trash for promoting this phony and also just letting this fight happen after this bitch didn't even attempt to cut weight. Disgusting… Also, quit with the fake Brazilian accent you waste pile, we all know you speak perfect English…

  19. Wheter she missed weight on purpose or not. Biggest fault is on ufc that let the match happened anyway.

    Maybe they should put the rules that if fighters miss weight cut for more than 5 pounds , the matches get cancelled automatically.

  20. Wtf does she need a translator for?

  21. Really…. a translator? Bitch English is your first language and you literally grew up in America. Goad I can't stand this bitcg

  22. Well boys, its official. You can completely let yourself go and still be successful in life.

  23. All I saw was a fat girl beat up a dehydrated skinny girl.

  24. "Big Mac" Mackenzie Dern!

  25. Everybody who misses weight in 2018 won. Every single one….CHEATING ? DEFF ADVANTAGE!!!!…….WHO CARES ABOUT RULZ? CRAZY!

  26. Grinning like a crazy woman !!

  27. Dern needs to get that weight under control. You can see she doesn't take it seriously.

  28. Just because you hate being an American, you want to live in a dump place and you love filthy animals, please stay there and dont ever come back to US.

  29. It's time to move up to 125…this can't happen again. That said, she easily has 7 pounds to give. She is not a lean woman.

  30. love how jon anik took a jab at her for the translator part hahaha

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