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UFC 224: Mackenzie Dern – “I Don’t Know How to Explain the Feeling I Have”

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  1. Mackenzie "maybe i should change my diet" Dern

  2. Her striking looked much improved since her last fight and that was only a couple months ago. Too bad her victory had to be tainted by the flagrant missed weight. She looked fat, surely she can get leaner.

  3. Hey, fatty bum bum, A sweet sugar dumpling

  4. Its those brazilian beef tacos clenelo was eating

  5. She's a fraud… fucking annoying but I'd fuck her.

  6. Good to see Roy Nelson finally shaved!

  7. We all hate Big Mac Dern.

  8. It is wat it is-max holloway

  9. holy shit she’s a literal crazy person

  10. Whats with the accent all of a sudden? I saw videos of her like 2 years ago and she sounded like a valley girl. And how on earth do you miss weight all the time and are still allowed to fight?

  11. UFC trolling their own fighter with the title, lol.

  12. I think im turning Portuguese, I think im turning Portuguese, i really think so…… Taco Bell eating burrito supreme fatty.

  13. You grew up in Arizona, you lazy bovine. You are not Brazilian and your accent is fake.

  14. All Brazilians are cheaters… no shame… smh

  15. Macktruck Dern. Clear cheat.

  16. R.I.P. that scale company that sponsored her. People are gonna think their scales are defective now.

  17. Can’t wait to see her get knocked out! Cheater!!

  18. lmao the next ronda, at least ronda made weight

  19. Mackenzie Dern was seen at a all you can eat cafe for $10 before UFC 224, hence her fat ass!

  20. Fuck the weight. If you get into a street fight you don't say "eh what weight are you " " you're seven pounds heavier than me that's not fair "😂Come on ffs. I know they're professional athletes but the result of that fight was always going to be the same.Just my view on it. God Dern it stop moaning peeps.

  21. I can explain the feeling you have, Fatty McShitstain… it’s guilt that you didn’t get your fat cheating ass on the treadmill. UFC needs better policing if they are going to let the shit float to the top along with the cream.

  22. I love her you little bitch

  23. i fucking hate her over exaggerated smile constantly

  24. What's with the accent? I saw a video of her speaking perfect English? Existential crisis I assume

  25. Look at her face smiling not giving a fuck .. a professional would not smile and say iam sorry this wont happen again she just dont give a fuck and why would she .. UFC should cut this burger eating slob !

  26. shes shorter than megan olivi??

  27. My gran moved to canada from england in 1960 and hasn't lost her accent at all. What is with her accent.

  28. big Mac Dern. She should just take her dad's nickname "megaton"

  29. Dern kinda cheated tho being that heavy.

  30. 922 dislikes actually thinks 7 pounds is a cheating advantage! XD

  31. Ain't nothing wrong wit a Lil meat on them bones 😏

  32. I’d be happy for her to sit on my face

  33. Oreos are a helluva drug.

  34. Fake fat cow with a fake accent.

  35. I hope she misses weight by at least 10 lbs in her next fight. Lmao

  36. fuck this fat lazy faking piece of shit

  37. Go up to your natural weight class 170!

  38. She has the most punchable face ever. But that stupid fake accent seals the deal 👊

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