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UFC 224: Lyoto Machida – “There is Pressure to Fight in Brazil”

Megan Olivi caught up with Lyoto Machida backstage at UFC 224 to discuss his win over Vitor Belfort. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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  1. cant believe they put those fat slobby bums cooper & dern above this fight, way too much female priviledge in the ufc, absolute disgrace, those moments im happy i dony buy ppvs but stream them for free lol

  2. Machida vs Thompson.. please make wonderboy go up a class .. would be nice

  3. Machida literally almost killed someone dangerous guy

  4. Cobra Kai is back

    Strike First
    Strike Hard
    No Mercy

  5. so glad he made that piece of shit retire on a loss

  6. Absolutley amazing 👊❤

  7. The dragon tail strikes again!

  8. UFC HQ-
    Give Machida Bisping!

    Machida is probably going to KO (because Machida is a bad ass who has such an unconventional style-he's like an veteran version of Wonderboy Thompson btw Machida vs. Wonderboy would make a cool future fight also) that big mouthed bloke from Manchester but Bisping is so entertaining with that big mouth of his combined with his jokes and general mentality that he will make the pre-fight media buildup awesome. I really will miss Bisping when Bisping retires(hope he stays around analyzing fights)-he's a true enetertainer and a great fighter as well.

  9. machida`s left straight kick was perfect, he is always respectful to his opponents afterwards, this fight was very exciting but why didn`t ufc make it happen during 2007-2013???

  10. Vitor didn't look like he wanted to fight,sad way to retire

  11. Machida Bisping is a fight I want to see.

  12. lyoto machida vs vitor belfort The K.O Moment ufc 224

  13. Still drinks his own urine?

  14. The Dragon still slaying with that lethal Karate kick

  15. his english is actually way better than i thought he should talk in english more

  16. Early stoppage in Yamasaki's standard

  17. I think he KOs bisping. He isnt Belfort, he has another title run in him but you cannot get into that top 5 without a decent ground game. I think he wins another 2 or 3 and then loses in a title eliminator. Machida should retire with a win or two over bisping and a Brunson rematch. Go out on a really good note.

  18. THE MACHIDA ERA IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Those dusty ass Brazilian was booing their own legends. SMH

  20. Holy shit
    UFC 227 with Bisping vs Lyoto would be crazy

  21. Welcome to the Machida Era

  22. Vitor could have avoided this embarrassment if he had retired before.

  23. The good ol' front kick by Machida, I remember the last phenomenal one vs Couture.

  24. Vitor is my all time favourite fighter, but this is THE knockout of the year!

  25. They probably studied the Anderson Silva knockout to see what vitor was most susceptible to

  26. Fucking legend, i see fighters like colby nowadays and i want to cry.

  27. Machida vs Anderson Silva would be nice!

  28. Vitor got knocked out with another front snap kick by another fighter from his former camp? That is a horrible way to end his career…..

  29. The Dragon 🐉 is so awesome 👏 I loved this fight

  30. Lyoto “There is Oppression” Machida

  31. What a fucking card. Too bad it’s gonna do 5 ppv buys

  32. Jacare just got robbed blind

  33. Sensei Seigal technique strikes again !

  34. Good for Machida, but there are lotd of killers in the top 5 at MW. Don't see him getting anywhere near the title.

  35. Kelvin with the W, down goes the alligator, Kelvin gets winner of Whittaker vs Yoel

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