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UFC 224: Kelvin Gastelum – “I Should be Next in Line”

Kelvin Gastelum stopped by to chat with Megan Olivi backstage at UFC 224 to discuss his win. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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  1. I am from Greece, want to have the b.m s.x with MIke Tyson on my fantasy island in UFC cage.

  2. Kadeve (Cut Eve) $igns fucked MY Wife, EVE or Erika Macke. I want to fight him in UFC, without GUNS and without this KNOCK OUT GAME with 5 – 8 Black Thugs. CHRIS RIDDELL, like CHUCK LIDDELL

  3. The ground specialist had Kelvins head snapping the FUCK back all night though. close fight

  4. Kelvin and Romero would be fucking bonkers.

  5. "what if i told you, you got choked out by chris weidman two fights ago?"-michael bisping

  6. I like Kelvin. Hard hitter. Humble. Seems like a nice guy. That was a close decision but good for him.

  7. His face doesn't show any damagae at all! He was hit in the face by an athleat who's well over 200 lbs multiple times.

  8. I'm convinced that Gastelum has the best chin in the UFC. Brushes off all the shots like they were pillows.

  9. Title shot outta be next for him he has been working hard for it

  10. the guy is a welterweight beating middleweights… give him a shot already.. and btw it should have been unanimous 29-28 for him.. except the first, he won the other 2

  11. Congratulations to Kelvin Gastellum, not only a good fighter, but a good man !

  12. Inferior crackers could never have a chin like Gastelum. Simply superior genetics.

  13. Kelvin’s one two is legendary, Tim Kennedy perished, vitor layed out, weidman won but he sat down and lucky bell rang off, bisping had no business in there one two to sleep, jacare survived but was sat down and beaten … handssss

  14. Kevin "He's still my boy" Gastelum

  15. He looks like Mike Perry if Mike Perry didn't have an extra chromosome

  16. Lmao kelvin didn’t even block one punch what a warrior.

  17. Megan does what Joe Rogan use to do when he first got with the UFC. Hopefully we see her behind the desk one-day. PPV UFC 420 perhaps.

  18. So we will either get Whittaker vs Kelvin or Yoel vs Kelvin.

  19. Gotta speak portuguese to confuse the decision! Right dern?

  20. cmon man give kelvin the shot! stud 100%

  21. Wtf is up with his accent I know he’s Mexican American but he sounds like Borat

  22. Kelvin won. He did way more damage

  23. Damien Mia is kind of a gate keeper atm seems to be falling fast in the rankings

  24. The film crew was robbed minutes after filming this interview. They must have backed up the footage to the cloud.

  25. Congrats on the win you were amazing

  26. Good to see the judges gave it to gastelum he edged that fight and deserved the win also what a cracking finish by machida shame vitor had to end his career like that but great main event hats off to Nunez as well she is a warrior and Pennington for soldiering into the final round with a bust up nose and leg

  27. The BIG HEART and TUFF CHIN runs in the BLOOD of a MEXICAN. Not from being Latino and has nothing to do with being Hispanic, but from the NATIVE INDIAN BLOOD of a MEXICAN!!! Spanish Christian oppression cant masked THAT WARRIOR SPIRIT even if you try. Its in the BLOOD!!!!

  28. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  29. The guy has a thick skull and basically no neck. No wonder why he can take heavy shots so well.

  30. Respect to Kelvin. I like many disregarded his chances at 185 after the Wiedman loss.
    But he deservedly beat a beast in Jacure whos only definitive loss was to the champ.
    At 26 i legit believe he will become champion at both 185 +170 within the next 5 years

  31. Victory overturned over Vitor, then lost to Weidman, then wants title shot after to wins? No, please no more Eddie Alvarez 2 wins 1 losses gettin title shot

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