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UFC 224: Amanda Nunes – This is My Championship

Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes goes for her third title defense when she faces off against Raquel Pennington in the main event of UFC 224 on May 12th in Rio de Janeiro. Subscribe to get…

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  1. Nunes is going to win in spectacular fashion. I don't know the thought process behind the booking of this fight. Why not book Amanda with Cyborg, the fight everyone, including Dana, wants to see?

  2. I really hate Nunes. I don't why, I guess it's the fact she thinks she is the best

  3. I love Amanda but I have zero interest in her opponent.

  4. After nunes pulled the day before the fight, ehhh. Pennington hasnt fought for over a year. The division is weak af.

  5. So instead of fighting Cyborg she fights Pennington. Yea, they're in the same legue! This one will be a joke!

  6. No one cares tbh if we’re being honest

  7. Hang on to that belt Nune's the sisters are coming for you.

  8. Hope Raquel Pennington wins Nunes the steroid man

  9. Damn I've followed these two for so long it's hard who to go for 😳

  10. Amanda kick some ass girl

  11. The least exciting championship fight of all time

  12. The Lioness knows every broken body part Rocky got and she will break them again count on it. Let's Go!!!

  13. Шефченка и Аманда качан бой

  14. Haha I won’t even be streaming this one. This one might be an all time low in ufc ppvs

  15. I don't just dislike her, I hate her.

  16. I never thought i'd day this but I rather watch DJ instead of dickhater Amanda

  17. Shevchenko is the real Bantamweight champ.

  18. Pennington has huge chances of winning this fight. She's underrated, and she matches up very well against Nunes.

  19. For the record, Valentina won that fight 🙂

  20. Cyborg will break her. Her division is weak and Boring. Who cares if u knocked out Ronda u weren't the first one to do it.

  21. Contender for least bought PPV of the year, after Cyborg vs Kunitskaya.

  22. Dont let this distract you from a fact that they killed half of the avengers

  23. I thought she was going to face cyborg….

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