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UFC 224: Amanda Nunes – “She’s Gonna Give Up”

Megan Olivi caught up with Amanda Nunes after she defended her title at UFC 224. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience …

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  1. Kadeve (Cut Eve) $igns fucked MY Wife, EVE or Erika Macke. I want to fight him in UFC, without GUNS and without this KNOCK OUT GAME with 5 – 8 Black Thugs. CHRIS RIDDELL, like CHUCK LIDDELL

  2. Amanda really took it easy on rocky on the ground she made no effort with ground and pound

  3. I really like her. She’s an awesome champion

  4. Shes lived in America to chase her dreams for so long already and her english is still soo bad. Girl, you are dating a native speaker…my god. Sorry, but I would be ashamed to call USA home, live there, date an american not being able to speak the language properly.

  5. come on amanda you know we all want to see it …nunes vs cyborg

  6. Rhonda has no fight left in her, why does she even get in the octagon anymore.

  7. Nunes is going to be afraid to fight cyborg, it's going to take a lot to make that fight happen. Nunes knows cyborg has waaaay more power!!

  8. Why do people keep saying Cyborg would kill her? Different weight class. Nobody says DC would kill Whittaker. Who cares?

  9. she wanna fuck megan the way she looking at her

  10. Still hasn't beat Valentina Shevchenko and they probably wont fight again, and Amanda Nunes will never fight Cyborg.

  11. Nunes would beat Cat now

  12. First woman to defend in Brazil? Didn't Ronda defend against Correia in Rio?

  13. Raquel must have got eaten out hard the night before cuz her legs were quivering!!! Couldn’t support her, buckled and got broke!

  14. Bet this card did good numbers on the ppv ……. 😀

  15. Rocky will come back better and be a force in the bantamweight division, though I think she can possibly go down to 125 because she has a lot of fat on her.

  16. Amanda wants Tecia. Mark my words, she's gonna start dating her soon whilst Raquel will switch to Nina Ansaroff

  17. how can Nunes say Pennington was a tougher fight then Schevchenko lmaooooo

  18. Average 2001 mma style….wmma is dogshit.rocky was TERRIBLE.

  19. Pennington is a lot tougher than I thought and she took a beating. As for Nunes vs Cyborg, that would be a mistake for Nunes because Cyborg would kill her. Cyborg is bigger, stronger, and her boxing is levels higher than Nunes.

  20. UFC HQ- Give us Amanda Nunes Vs. Cris Cyborg. A better women's MMA does not currently exist than that. Would be cool if they fought on the same card as Jon Jones comeback against some big name (maybe Jones vs. Miocic?).

  21. amanda is the only one so far to finish pennington like that, it was a good performance, she must fight cyborg this year or holm after she fights megan

  22. "It is what it is" – Max Holloway

  23. Remember When people were rooting for nunes vs ronda lousey……yea peperidge farm remembers.

  24. Amanda "not calling cyborg" Nunes

  25. In all of Amanda’s glory .. cyborg gonna walk ya down home girl

  26. Cyborg will beat her I think.

  27. Wrong Ronda defended her belt. UFC 190 over Bethe.

  28. Did anyone else notice when Amanda was giving her Octagon interview the stands were almost completely empty.

  29. got the hgh enlarged head goin on

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