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UFC 224: Amanda Nunes Octagon Interview

Amanda Nunes defended her title once again and chatted with Jon Anik inside the Octagon. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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  1. amanda looks like a welterweight version of a male fighter lol

  2. Cyborg vs nunes is next it's gonna be dope

  3. I am from the USA and I am a huge fan of Amanda Nunez. Pure talent and hard working person who actually makes the sport better. Respect and lots of love.

  4. *Não tem brasileiro nessa porra*😂😂😂

  5. Nunes be holding that belt for a long time to come

  6. The only female fight ive ever watched was nunes v rousey the rest dont interest me at all

  7. Love nunes she is so respectful!!! real champion

  8. Sup wit da lesbis shit 😂😂😂

  9. Nunes repeating herself at the end about how hard it was to fight such a close friend yet she layed much more of a beating on Pennington than any other of her defenses lol

    She was clearly winning just from the leg kicks which probably would of stopped Pennington by the 3rd round if she kept throwing them but no she decided to break her great close friends nose and give her 2 black eyes aswel as that leg damage (Pennington thought her leg might be broken)

    she did say she would buy her a drink after tho hahaha

  10. Nunes !!!!!! Valeu obrigado por mais esta vitoria ……parabens por levantar a auto estima dos brasileiros.

  11. Nunes and cyborg for the record who will be the ultimate chanpion dare numes?

  12. What ever you said amanda now for the record fight cyborg

  13. Nunes vs cyborg let's make this happen dana

  14. I'd fck all 3 of those chicks..

  15. Fucking Lezbian shit !!

  16. she lost against shevchenko

  17. wtf? Ask her who she want to fight next? She should have called out Cyborg gotdamit lets get some drama going..

  18. I like that language lol

  19. Nunes is starting to grow on me now. Very respectful and humble. Congrats champ.

  20. Mientras ufc le siga poniendo cocineras a Amanda va a seguir ganando cuando va a tener una rival de verdad

  21. 2 lesbos fighting thats sick. They all might do a foursome

  22. Bad ass fighter plain n simple !!!!

  23. Those kids they must stop being married between women with women is abomination in God’s eyes! They must find a husband not a girl friend

  24. Nunes is becoming American and Mackenzie Dern is becoming Brazilian

  25. Now Amanda to much dangerous but one time were R RONDA R.(RRR).

  26. Nunes is a true fighter !!!! She’s so athletic and fierce!!!

  27. Bunch of lesbians having kinky sex LUL

  28. Unlike Rhonda or Johanna, she actually seems like a decent person once the fight's over.

  29. aaaannnddd stiiiilllll a filthy sodomite……..

  30. Could you imagine her in a women's prison and some inmate trying to bully her?

  31. Why da fuck would i want to watch a dyke fight why would i want to put money in a fucking dykes pocket the only thing she would get from me is bullets

  32. If she fights a friend like that I hate to see how she will fight somebody she hates

  33. I love that translator great job he did

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