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UFC 221: Mark Hunt vs Curtis Blaydes – Jimmy Smith Preview

UFC commentator Jimmy Smith breaks down the heavyweight co-main event between Mark Hunt and Curtis Blaydes set to go down at UFC 221, live on Pay-Per-View. Subscribe to get all the latest…

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  1. I think Mark Hunt's last 2 fights on his contract should be against Ngannou and Werdum. Rooting for him to beat Werdum but it's Ngannou's time to shine

  2. Mark Hunt is one of the true fighters who kept raising the bar. One day he will become the Champion and will make us Maoris proud.

  3. Mark hunt: I'm one of the best fighters in the world, I do think I'm the best fighter in the world' 😂😂😂 bruv you haven't even won a title yet

  4. Curtis Blaydes has a lot of potential-He will probably be the man in 3 years or so if he keeps training hard and keeps his nutrition tight. That being said, there's something special about Mark Hunts fight style-his fights are very fun to watch.

  5. Great preview by Jimmy, looking forward to both Marks and Yoels fights.

  6. Mark Hunt's brother Mike could beat Blaydes.

  7. Jimmy Smith and Joe Rogan: Truly the Billy and Jimmy (Double Dragon) of MMA.

  8. mark hunt vs steven seagal? who wins

  9. Mark hunt is coming to bring death

  10. Joe Rogan looks much different post USADA

  11. Mark Hunt will wear gold soon .. He’s a beast all natural strength

  12. Jimmy Smith better not be the planned successor to Joe. I don't give a shit how knowledgeable you are if you're boring. Anik knows enough. The colour guy needs personality

  13. Mark hunt like a lion vs a kitten, lost it this kid wish the best

  14. I want curtis vs francis 2

  15. Mark hunt loses then retires

  16. why do they keep matching hunt with wrestlers, it would be more interesting for them to put him against another power puncher

  17. shout out loud for mark hunt

  18. Missing Joe Rogan in this preview.

  19. Lol he's not going to stand with mark hunt I see this fight going to blaydes via decision

  20. GOAT…
    Remember THE FIGHT?…Ray Sefo V Hunt…still the greatest fight ever.

  21. Mark is my fav fighter even since the Pride days. I know he still has the moves, but I don' t want to see him get badly hurt. And I heard he already had some brain issues. He has no need to prove anything. Fckin' legend! Respect

  22. old legend vs upencomin star

  23. Jimmy Smith is an excellent pick up! Have him do a big ppv with Joe Rogan!

  24. mark careful with this monkey.

  25. Mark hunt is one of the greatest strikers but every one is the greatest ever with ridiculous power to Joe Rogan, over hyping fighters in the past.

  26. Mark Hunt on the ground and will lose.

  27. I think it is very disrespectiful to put this kid against Mark Hunt

  28. good match up for Curtis blaydes . wrestle fuck domination .

  29. I got Blaydes by decision
    Welcome jimmy

  30. Let's see the walk away KO Mark!!

  31. Punch him in the face.. punch him in the face and then punch him in the face!!! -Mark Hunt

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