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UFC 220: Press Conference Faceoffs

The stars of UFC 220 faceoff after Friday’s Press Conference in Las Vegas ahead of one of the most anticipated heavyweight matchups ever at UFC 220: Miocic vs Ngannou on Saturday, January 20…

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  1. Ngannou wearing the illuminati pyramid shirt? Wtf?!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd STTTTIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! MOTHER FUCKERS

  3. My god Francis is about the win the Heavyweight belt and Khabib about to kill Tony, what a time in MMA

  4. About same height, but Ngiantgannou's wingspan is massive looking even beside champ. Is there really that much difference as it appears in size or just clothes, angles etc? Would love to put my $ on both champs, but struggling with figuring these 2 matches out. And Francis just seems like the wrong name?

  5. Nganou will show him da wei

  6. Niggeranou is too cocky, Hopefully, Stipe knocks him TFO

  7. Stipe looks very confident; perhaps it won't be as much of a landslide victory for Francis as everyone is anticipating. If he doesn't engage with bad form, chooses his strikes, and manages to get Francis to the fence… there is room for a takedown at which point his ground-game could prove better.

    I'm hoping he pulls through with something along these lines; I don't know if a brawl would get him a win.

  8. Stipe gonna put him away like roid cop took out that yakuza trash at rizin.

  9. Please Lord dont let DC cry if he loses again this time, I dont want to cringe Lord. Please, im begging.

  10. Cormier see Volkan as "food" thats why he's smiling

  11. No matter what dc says Jon took a year plus off and still schooled him.

  12. 저경기는 응가누면서 봐야지 폰으로

  13. обезъяна уже зазвездилась!стипе порвёт этого папуаса

  14. if stipe dies he dies

  15. that's Jons belt so enjoy for now

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