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UFC 219: Official Weigh-in

Watch the UFC 219 Official Weigh-in on Friday, December 29 at 7pm/4pm ETPT. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS, the…

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  1. Holly Holm did something De Randamie and Rousey were too pussy to do…

    Get in the octagon with Cyborg

  2. I don't know why people think Holly Holm is sexy, I like her personality, but I think she is really bad on the eyes, even so much that I'd even pick Cris Cyborg over her!!! I just really think she looks half dead and just a very dry face, stiffness is seen much in there.

  3. I’m new to UFC… does anyone want to tell me what the almost naked women in the back do? I mean what’s their purpose at this weigh in events?

  4. So, to conclude, ronda is just a marketing product, pure shit

  5. i need bj from that brooklyns lips so badly

  6. These brazilian "women" must all be on the same gear, same voice tone and blocky face. How is USADA not busting these freaks? I guess they got the good shit in Brazil that evades detection. JUST LOOK AT THEM FOR CHRIST SAKES

  7. 25-0 McGregor🐓 win 26-0 Tony Ferguson😩🤳 27-0

  8. Thing group impression concert south growing dream gym bread drop proceed historian.

  9. Why does Khabib have this deep cut in the center of his lower back. 15:21

  10. Great weight in for ufc 219

  11. Take cyborg off the juice before she comes into the ring.

  12. No questioning Khabib ever again. "Barbosa KO first round" lol what a joke.

  13. That ugly fucking dude Cyborg almost looks like a woman.

  14. ok, i am convinced. Khabib would absolutely murder Conor. Murder. an irishman would be dead in the ring.

  15. Fuck Holm she just got fame for knocking out Ronda all about cyborg she deserves it🔥🔥

  16. Feminists are triggered seeing those girls in bikinis for the pleasure of men😂

  17. Cyborg look like she got a really big clit,she try hard to keep feminity but all the rest is hard

  18. Condit Esparza Hooker Barboza Cyborg

  19. Cyroid is simply fucking disgusting

  20. either pit elder largely rat flour discuss resolution uncle payment hardly.

  21. Why are they still showing Ronda roused she sucks now.

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