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UFC 219 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

On Episode 4 of UFC 219 Embedded, strawweight Cynthia Calvillo shows her goals and gets some gummy bears for good luck. Featherweight champion Cris Cyborg, opponent Holly Holm and welterweight…

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  1. Cyborg looks like wanderlei silva with hair. Go holm, get it done, head kick ko

  2. Who's idea was it to put that ugly ass dude in the thumbnail two times in a row. Smh


  4. what a fucking sound is that !!! 1:42 like a wild animal

  5. 4:10 DID YOU SERIOUSLY PUT TRANSLATION TEXT FOR Francis Ngannou saying "ha ha ha" WTF??? Like we can't understand a black man with an accent laughing? FUCK YOU UFC!

  6. No matter what fight. Jason Perulo looks like he’s cutting weight worse than Cyborg.

  7. Follow me on instagram @vinnie_morelli I am a upcoming mma fighter!

  8. I love holly so much. she's such a great person

  9. "I'm so hungry for tiramisu" -Khalabeeb

  10. easy win for calvillo. esparza is garbage

  11. Francies doesn't even look real…😖

  12. i wouldnt mess around with any of these women

  13. Cyborg she’s not going to run she’s going to move.. lets see how well you prepared for movement.

  14. 5:59 hungry khabib? feed khabib some tiramisu lmao

  15. Cris cyborg vs Carlos Condit

  16. Holme is such a boring fighter

  17. Who ever records these is a legend, great ass angles bro

  18. Meth Mouth likes the Magnums.

  19. Kabibi gonna rip Barbados apart and cyborg is gonna pull that dick Rhonda says she has out and ass rape the preachers daughter poor girl

  20. I'm so sick about still hearing about Ronda Rousey! She was a 1 trick pony & MMA has evolved past her! That's all she had was the judo throw to armbar & you've seen how Holly beat her & then u seen how Amanda Nunes came out & destroyed her she had no business in there with Nunes! I do think that if she went to an actual REAL FIGHT CAMP with LEGIT COACHES then yeah she may have done better but she stayed with Edmond & he always told her "u got this" even when she was clearly losing after round 1 in Holly fight! He was riding the money train and now RONDA IS DONE SO EDMOND IS TOO THERE ISNT ANY FIGHTER NOW WHO WOULD EVER GO TRAIN WITH EDMOND!!!

  21. Hope Holly beats the robots ass.

  22. Cynthia 1st Round KO via Ngannou Uppercut

  23. Go out there & beat Carla's ass Cynthia! I seen how hard you've worked in this camp being in the gym beside u day after day! You're ready & U got this! There's no doubt that if u finish Carla you've got a title shot coming up! She's the only 1 that's finished Rose Namajuanas! Go get it done & then go enjoy the Holiday dinner you couldn't enjoy during Thanksgiving & Christmas it's on Urijah he said get the W tonight & he'll buy dinner Saturday night & Sunday!! #TAM

  24. I'd fuck Cynthia where the poop comes from.

  25. Khabib – "i'm so hungry" – Nagamadov [5:57]

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