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UFC 219 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

On Episode 2 of UFC 219 Embedded, the stars of Saturday’s event spend the holiday weekend in their hometowns and home gyms. Lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov starts his workout outdoors, as…

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  1. Damn Cyborg got Kenneth Leverich as a coach

  2. $uicideBoy$ playing at around 4:00

  3. they should only show Khabib! No one else…

  4. Great video and channel! I like what I saw. My channel has good content like yours you should check it out!

  5. Dammit I wanted Holly to win😑

  6. Burn Palestinian secret tmkqkb terrorist growing diplomatic himself since fix implementation criminal chronic.

  7. holly should let me dick her down for sure

  8. Is Holly fighting a transgender looks like it to me the fighters chromosomes are male chromosomes he transition to a girl a long time ago that's been hiding very few know then he made the transition they're not about to talk cuz the doctor is going to get his cut Plus he went somewhere else after that in dead plastic surgery you could tell over the face plastic surgery where to get the money for plastic surgery and all that stuff it's definitely a scam to make him a champion in the women's division start raking in all kinds of money contracts and advertising so on and so forth a lot of money these people going to make off the skin how to look into this chromosomes that's what the deal is it's a man Holly's fighting

  9. Thats why i love holly…all that money she has and shes driving a normal acura that she probably got from sponsorship and didnt even pay for

  10. 4:12 shout out to $uicideboy$ in the background playing

  11. Ayy cyborg’s bumpin $uicideboy$! 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏾🤘🏾

  12. God Carla esparzas striking looks terrible

  13. Does colby covington remind anyone else of themselves?

  14. What is the name of the song played at the end of the vlog

  15. 05:41 croatia is all over the world…malo nas je al' nas ima…

  16. Khabib the SAVAGE 🇷🇺🇬🇧. Can anyone explain why a women's ufc technical boxing abilities are average at best especially MMA fighters please tell me I'm not the only individual that notices the lack of basic head movements. Imagine training with someone like Katie Taylor UFC female women Fighters would be unbelievable just an observation and an opinion.. Cyborg the only exception

  17. anyone else hear $uicide Boys at 4:12

  18. Edson better work on that TDD or he is getting smoked.

  19. Lmao Khabib met a little gay latino boy a sodomite in San Jose lol..

  20. Holly! Will you marry me?

  21. Come on barboza! Spinning head kick khabib into tiramisu heaven!!!! Derail that hype train!

  22. She's doing Crossfit a week before the fight. Roll eyes.

  23. Here's to Holly making Cyborg even uglier.

  24. see? yall calling dana white a bigot? he's letting a orc headline the main event. how dare you people….

  25. Who else noticed $uicideBoy$ was playing during cyborgs work out

  26. Khabib with the terrible pull up form.

  27. Your crazy if you don't think Chris Cyborg doesn't have a dick.

  28. After hearing cyborg that is a transgender dude…no doubt,

  29. How is John Jones been banned and cyborg keeps fighting…the UFC just ignore her broken voice her massive masculine jaw and build…so clearly on testosterone and GH it boggles the mind that this just goes on unquestioned.

  30. Official Weigh-Ins UFC 219 review n takeaways, MMA With Mike! https://youtu.be/pHzr2e-7DFE

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