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UFC 219: Cyborg vs Holm – Media Conference Call

UFC will host a media conference call with the two athletes competing for the women’s featherweight championship on Thursday, Dec. 21 at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. Subscribe to get all the latest…

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  1. It was the night before Christmas..

    and who the fuck watches these.

  2. Some of these "journalists" are just dumb AF! The fool already speaks fast and mumbles his English. She keeps saying "can you repeat, please". She even said that her English is not yet that good. And the idiot just asks the same question, using the same words, just as fast as the previous one. Idiots!!

  3. What a great enlightened question at 35:20 😑

  4. Can we please stfu about Rousey for even one interview?

  5. Did you record this with a toaster?

  6. Womens calls go so much better lmao the dudes always in their feelings

  7. Cyborgs always been the baddest female fighter Ronda and Dana have been ducking her since strike force and I’m a big fan of holly but her only chance is cyborg being old I don’t like steroids in the sport but everyone’s on steroids and Jacksonwink is the most notorious gym for it sooo at the end whoever win I hope to see a great fight ps I hope it’s holly but I wouldn’t bet on her

  8. For those complaining about it being over the phone, Its a fucking fight. Fuck the talking and media, The people in the sport aren't there to sell the fight, They're there to fight not to entertain. Go watch WWE you stupid fucks.

  9. Do one for Khabib vs Barboza!

  10. 6:02 LOL can you repeat that because my english isn't good. Instant nigga talk do yall do yall know what i mean git the job dun?

  11. Lol. What a surprise that she doesn't walk around at 185 anymore. You can't do them roids now.

  12. Is this all that the UFC has to offer? Pathetic and cheaper than my chinese rolex!

  13. Cyborg sounds eerily similar to Wand Silva… Could someone please test his testosterone levels before the fight?

  14. Win or lose. Holly wins


  15. Hey pussy are you still there?Cris Cyborg to her crotch

  16. Modafkers step up your game.


  18. this call can put u to sleep in 5 sec
    Wher is the King Khabib !

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