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UFC 219: Carla Esparza – “I’ll Fight Anyone They Put in Front of Me”

Carla Esparza talks with Megan Olivi backstage after her win at UFC 219: Cyborg vs Holm. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT…

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  1. Why is nobody talking about the fact that this girl pulled the Ronda Rousey You by walking off without being an interview at or anything yet Ronda Rousey did it people would be talking mad shit fucking hypocrites

  2. By "fight anyone" she mean "wrestle anyone" 😀

  3. This would've been a better 5 rounder

  4. Cynthia didn't look the same, she looked a lot slower, sluggish with her movement, wasn't really fighting how she has in previous fights, that said, Carla did win round 2 and round 3.

  5. Carla looks fucking ugly like my toe nail

  6. This fight was Draw Period, such a Girly fight this was, surprised there was no hair pulling!!


  8. Cynthia could have easily won this, but she got over confident and underestimated Carla, she was also too patient thinking that she'd take over later in the rounds. Cynthia was also more precise in the punches but did not land enough of them. Carla was more agressive and kept the pace and threw more punches that didn't land, but this was a case where judges valued effort over accuracy. If the fight had been 5 rounds Cynthia would have won for sure. That being said: I was rooting for Carla and happy that she won.Biggest surprise was her huge improvement on the stand-up department.

  9. Cynthia got a taste of that humble pie.

  10. I'd fuck the shit out of carla, her body so bomb

  11. Jedrzejczyk vs Esparza 2 make it so!

  12. Cynthia really thought she won?

  13. Cynthia won fuck all that lol

  14. Jesse lingard in the ufc now yeah

  15. beautiful performance from Carla the G esparza.g lad she whupped that gum flapper bully thing.

  16. 4 months !?? She's kidding right ?

  17. dirtbag cunt olivia ur a fucking horrible commentator

  18. I’d like to offer all of TAM a Bellator contract

  19. Glad Carla won. She was getting too much hate when she's a cool down to earth girl.

  20. So glad she came out with the W. Not only a great fighter she seems to be a very humble person & that's what really counts. 👌

  21. Carla Esparza will never beat anyone in the top 5 with a performance like that.

  22. Won 2nd and 3rd round with total strikes and grappling yet people were still angry with the decision?

  23. Carla Esparza is one of my favorite fighters!

  24. Really surprised that Cynthia lost.  But good for vet Carla b/c she needed a win for her career.

  25. THANK YOU CARLA…..your win was all I wanted

  26. This was a terrible fight, looked ametuar and none of these girls showed anything special about them

  27. Fuck anyons who thought this little dyke won't that fight. You have to be a fucking retard.

  28. She looks like the guy from wrong turn here but she has a fat ass

  29. So fuckin happy Cookie Monster beat that frog faced bitch.

  30. Makeup works miracles on this gal.

  31. The only one who can beat rose

  32. Yes Cynthia is cocky but that's who she is. Carla won and Cynthia will be back. Haters are gonna hate.

  33. Cynthia won like many other fighters have done in the sport and they gave it to Esparza because Cynthia couldn't finish.

    leave it to the judges and thats what happens

  34. Carla and Cynthia looked like trash on the feet made Bryan Callen look like Bruce Lee.

  35. Cynthia came outta danas office sucking his cum thats why she was so easy and fast on the scene the mexican alien

  36. Esparza won the 2nd 3rd. It was a close fight but no where near a robbery.

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