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UFC 218: Inside the Octagon – Holloway vs Aldo 2

Go ‘Inside the Octagon’ with John Gooden and Dan Hardy as they break down the main event at UFC 218 between Max Holloway and Jose Aldo. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2…

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  1. Who's the dick in the black blazer

  2. aldo came back trying to box again. six months cant cut it. Renan learned and Dom knew better and didnt want to fight Cody anytime soon. Reconaissance time

  3. The only person above Dan hardy is the YouTuber The weasel. Other than that he's a great analyst

  4. i love this show. it's so damned good. hit liked.

  5. hardy & this show A-1. 2 fights 6 months apart with same result. i wanna see holloway take on all of the #1 contenders. a bit tired of seeing aldo, presently. i want to see someother featherweight match-ups instead of aldo on the card. maybe later aldo. right now, i've seen enough of aldo lately.

  6. 6:10 Same as Faber fight. Aldo almost tore his leg off and yet in the fifth, instead of taking one legged Faber out, he barely throws 3 punches the entire round… which is fair i guess but kinda lame.

  7. Holloway I see that flag great fight McGregor don't won't those problems and I see why!😲

  8. Just usual Dan Hardy knows how to analyze and make comment at his best. No one will take his place.

  9. these guys are full of shit

  10. Bye Bye Aldo sweet Halloway Dreams 🙂

  11. Stupid idiot aldo just retire man you're time is up. Go back to flipping burgers.


  13. Hardy should be coaching.

  14. Proud of these two knowledgeable Brits! Hardy is a cracking pundit! Wonder if he will ever be tempted back in there?

  15. Get rid of that f*cking snake please

  16. I'm always watching UFC and all other sports on ScreenVariety website, registered last year and I still enjoy it.

  17. Where is the Ngannu Vs. Allistair episode?

  18. Has holloway ever been knocked down?

  19. Aldo did't kick and now, he will, so it will be a difrente fight

  20. Max Holloway vs. Tony Ferguson please.

  21. Max's call-out in the last 10 seconds of the Llamas fight is perhaps the most boss move ever in MMA.

  22. no one in the current feather weight division roster can beat max

  23. They should always give their predictions at the end. Dan Hardy is a legend.

  24. Jose Aldo is legend and the greatest Featherweight of all time.

  25. This is epic! Thank you guys for being so passionate and excited. This show is so well made, and you guys make an excellent broadcast team. As a side note. This would look a whole lot better filmed in 24p not 60p. The live News broadcast look doesn't do Dan Hardy's commentary justice. Can we get the smooth, cinema look from 24 frames per second on these videos please? 30p should be a good compromise?

  26. absolutely love dan's breakdowns

  27. I like Dan but I disagreed with his opinion on gsp bisping.he thought bisping would win. I knew gsp would.

  28. Aldo needs to chop the tree down with leg kicks that would be an easy victory…lol

  29. Hardy is lucky to do what he loves.

  30. Dan's analysis just can't be boring.

  31. Instead display report plead repeatedly estimated intelligence enormous reflect auto husband.

  32. The aim of leg kicks is to slow down your opponents movement and punching power. Lamas and Swanson landed lots against Holloway but it didnt slow him down one bit. There it would be kinda useless for Aldo to use it if it wont work…….What do you think?

  33. I hope for many more years to come with Hardy as an analyst.

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