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UFC 218: Francis Ngannou – “The Match Against Stipe, the Same Way. Knockout.”

UFC correspondent Megan Olivi catches up with Francis Ngannou backstage at UFC 218 following his devastating first round knockout win over Alistair Overeem. Subscribe to get all the latest…

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  1. What promotion does to you!!! The worst think that people fell for that and got brain washed by promoters, anyway Stipe whooped his arse all 5 rounds he will rimemba that for the next time and have RESPECT FOR THE CHAMP!!!!

  2. Hahahaha you bunch of fucking faggets all riding the hype train that got derailed..You are all clueless casual bitches..I said Stipe's experience would win..fuck you all.

  3. My advice to all fighters, let go of FOOLISH PRIDE, don't get too confident and comfort.

  4. Such a nice guy I wish he kill Brock Lesnar some day. 😁

  5. Francis is 100 % steroid positive!

  6. Look for Stipe to put him in a fireman's carry and slam him down to knock the wind out of him. Then Stipe will apply a Von Flue Choke and end the fight in round 3.

  7. Francis ngannou vs chris cyborg!! Dana make it happen

  8. Hes good man always respect anyone

  9. 0.25 He just thinking about how he was going to finish the fight cause he wanted to go take his carrot shot? Must be some good fucking organic carrots

  10. All the steroids in the world won't help you, if this guy lands a punch on you.

  11. He has tard eyes. Just have to get this fucker tired and he will topple, but good fuckin luck against that retard strength.

  12. same way , Stipe will knock you out.

  13. I dont no what is so scary in this guy ? Looks normal here in croatia we are all build 6ft4 i look bigger then nganou never trained any mma or gym freak. U americans are pussys

  14. d-d-d-d-don't have a chance against stipe!

  15. Looked at his record. Impressive. He has power and done a few diff subs to win. He knows some submission, so he ain’t gonna be horrible on the ground, so that’s surprising. Good luck cuz Stipe’s boxing his nice af. Stipe got rocked by overeem a few times so stipe would have to be elusive and tire the big guy out before going for a real W.

  16. Who all got distracted by Bruce buffer in the background? 😂

  17. Ufc told him change his hair, now he looks like some gay LA black guy but big as hell. What the hell happend to the predator that i knew with the mini dreads

  18. stipe is in big fuckin trouble

  19. Este hombre va ser el nuevo campeón es un monstruo y nadie pega tan duro como el …

  20. His calm demeanor makes him even more dangerous…

  21. You game plan for this guy he's beatable

  22. All he has is power ,please stipe just single leg him and make him look like an idiot on the ground 😂

  23. Megan Olivi on Blacked .com

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