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UFC 218 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

On Episode 6 of UFC 218 Embedded, former featherweight champion Jose Aldo watches soccer before starting his weight cut. Spirits stay high as the pounds come off for heavyweight Francis Ngannou…

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  1. Eddie def one of the greatest!

  2. Max needs to move up in weight, he looks like death at 145, and there might be a red panty night at 155.

  3. holy shit aldo ate 3 meals of spaghetti hahahahh he pulled a michael scott

  4. The only way to beat Ngannou is IQ and I don’t think Stipe has it. I honestly thought Reem was the best man to take him out.

  5. Aldo ate spaghetti… no wonder why he gets tired so fast

  6. Max is that dude when he made it all his people made it too that's a real one !

  7. someone please make a vine of Ngannou saying you will sleep and then show that vicious KO

  8. Joe Rogan just screaming the whole time lmao

  9. Damn it sounded like Max had no moisture in his throat or mouth when he was talking at the weigh ins

  10. Ngannou is a beast miocic will never beat him he will be too much for him!

  11. At 2:17 is the exact moment Alistair Overeem lost his fight. He came in contact with Garbrandt.

  12. Justin Gay-G confirmed gay

  13. Alguien en español
    Que me explique ¿ Por que se quitan toda la ropa para el pesaje?

  14. I love Ngannou even more now with the 🐐 Tupac Playing 💯💯💯💯 0.50 loool

  15. Demetrius Johnson vs Ngannou?

  16. Just Bleed fans cryin when Gaethje says "Let's put one on…" You da real MVP, warriors

  17. why don't they let bruce buffer do the weigh ins?

  18. Those 2 grown Men @ 6:49!!😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  19. I don't understand why so many people Tyron says are racist are going to pay to watch these fights. Tyron be lyin'?

  20. The moment you see Ngannou standing next to mini mouse!

  21. Also expended too much energy watching that football match.

  22. 2 'bros' fighting over another dudes smelly sweaty shirt… Jesus fucking Christ.

  23. José Aldo keep his some last money fight
    He is finish

  24. aldo is so low iq but heart of gold

  25. RIP my man Alistair his chin will never recover

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