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UFC 218: Dana White Event Recap

Megan Olivi recaps and exciting night of fights with UFC President Dana White backstage at UFC 218. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experience UFC live…

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  1. I'm sure dana bang this girl after finish the interview

  2. another recap with Veronica lodge

  3. Mr. Tyron Woodley Stop Chasing Scary George St Pierre Scary Diaz And All The Rest If The UFC Do There Job And Make Fights These Scaries Will Have To Fight Or Loose There Job Just Like Conor McScary How Do You Not Fight And Still Have The Belt The UFC Stripped Germaine de Randamie For Not Excepting A Fight Unless The UFC Is Racist Against Black Fighters Like You And Germaine de Randamie

  4. I've seen almost every UFC & Pride etc. MMA fight to date? And that was the WORST Refereed(Herb Dean) bout that I can remember… One guy STOPS FIGHTING & stands there with his hands in the air??? And that GD idiot goes after the ACTIVE FIGHTER! with his hands up ready to fight!?! LOL!… I've never seen anything so absolutely ridiculous either in MMA or Boxing as that GD idiot Herb Dean did in that fight…

  5. Stipe Just took out Life insurance

  6. Know wats funny?? Gaethje was the 1 who said dat Alvarez is not my level and Overeem was the 1 who said Ngannou is not my level.

  7. Holloway needs to bump weight and challenge Tony Ferguson. Winner gets Conor.

  8. This girl gets the questions given by her by Dana… DANA her boss… the Dana cock she has sucked for years …lol … fake video….

  9. “She’s married but fuck it, I’m the boss”
    -Danna White

  10. Danna you dog, danna white looking for more than just a fight 👉👌

  11. Conor changed Aldos life, litteraly. He will never be the same.

  12. Francis truly is a breath of fresh air for that musty heavyweight division.. Stipe's fights make me sleepy!

  13. It's a shame but Aldo is done. His chin has deteriorated.

    Had It, lost It and It's never coming back.

  14. A Megan Olivi interview with Dana isn't complete until she calls him boss.

  15. Give this guy someone with a solid chin and good hands like JDS, Cain or Stipe. I think its almost impossible for anyone to take him down in the first unless he' s exhausted

  16. Fresno Cali Here We Come 👊💯

  17. Is Megan Olivi just really tiny or is Dana actually a pretty big guy ?

  18. I wonder if Dana understands that sold out means every seat is filled…..

  19. I want Megan to sit on my face

  20. Dana white "you guys already know who's getting that fight of the night" gives it to everyone except francis..

  21. Overeem saw his ancestors.

  22. Jose Aldo needs to swith it up and train with different people from different martial arts discipline, he's too thai orientated. He also has to pace himself and stop throwing everything in every punch.

  23. jack Galvin you right !!!!

  24. Did Megan just volunteer to be a party performer?

  25. Thought this Justin guy was all that?? just shows you how good Conor really is

  26. they should also give bonuses to Max and Aldo they put every thing on the table

  27. Francis was helped by « arabs » in Paris, tell him that he will ktfo u fooking sionist.
    It’s Sarkozy and BHL who destructed Libya and kadhafi, that’s why there is slavery and the jungle’s rules.
    What he said about slavery in Libya is part of a movement started by guys like pogba etc in soccer… even arabs talked about it.
    So stfu u fooking North Americans dumb

  28. Welcome to the blessed era !!!

  29. Yancy vs Oliveria should be FOTN not Alvarez vs Justin

  30. Aldo is still a top contender at 145 but it seems Max is too much and he will never beat him. I would love to see him fight a few more at 155 against guys like Barboza, Alvarez, maybe Pettis, then retire.

  31. @ 1:14 – Enjoy for Dana's coke seizure!

  32. remember when everyone talked how rumble will destroy everyone in lhw division…now the same thing is happening with the hw division

  33. Give me 3 maybe even 4 minutes and Megan would want to marry a nigga

  34. I honestly Love the people who make race a thing and get all Africany black this talk or white this talk and the other colour wins. Its just great seeing Francis with that African set up yo. Guys a Killer.

  35. Max has been doing much better since he started implementing a mix of Conors style and Nate Diaz…

  36. Ever since Conor stepped out of the UFC ring, Dana was never more the same

  37. Alistair just tasted Ngannou's "CASKET PUNCH". His image in the canvass lying straight body from head to foot is like lying in the casket.

  38. Breaking News: Dana announces Benavidez vs Ngannou. Winner takes Megan Olivi.

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