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UFC 217: Cody Garbrandt vs TJ Dillashaw – Score to Settle

Former teammates turned rivals Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw are ready to settle the score in the Octagon for the bantamweight title at UFC 217: Bisping vs …

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  1. This guy is a complete fucking loser hope TJ kicks the shit out of that ugly tattooed bitch.

  2. 1:30 lol. it was that moment where I stopped giving cody shit. respect.

  3. Cruz should've rest both of his hobbit feet gg

  4. viper
    1) a venomous snake with large hinged fangs, typically having a broad head and stout body, with dark patterns on a lighter background.
    2) a spiteful or treacherous person.
    3) a UFC fighter with no loyalty to his gym.

  5. Missile depression tennis cwybs convict recommendation forty store gate cluster remain principal

  6. 0:31 Artem is a good friend. Didn't hesitate for a second

  7. Great fight. Come check out our new MMA podcast guys. 3 weeks in 400+ subscribers. We are rapidly growing. There needs to be more MMA podcasts. You might like it. Respect to you.

  8. The biggest test of Cody so far

  9. Cody will bang TJ and Conor

  10. Conor McGregor vs Cody Garbrandt. PLEASE

  11. Really ?? Yous still singing that song Cody, ffs man make up some shit, idk, ANYTHING that doesnt make you look stupid

  12. Hopefully nobody pulls out of this card, it's super stacked!

  13. Tj will finish him in the 4/5th round

  14. Tj is definitely gonna win.

  15. why is that asian coach always trying to start shit? dude makes me angry

  16. If it was not for McGregor yet again, this "feud" would not have become such a big deal

  17. This fight should be the main event.

  18. Stupid people bringing mmath "Dillashaw lost to Cruz and Cruz lost to Garbrandt so Dillashaw lose to Garbrandt"
    haha GTFO

  19. Cody reminds me of the bad guy in never back down

  20. I'm sure Cody never cared about TJ leaving, but in order to sell and hype up the fight that soon was coming that is pretty much all they had going as an excuse to create drama, both know this, but it has escalated to the point of them really hating each other. I can't wait to watch it lol.

  21. I feel like Cody has been done with that drama, but he keeps wanting to talk about it cause it will sell the fight.

  22. I am sorry but that dillashaw is a little " BIRD"!

  23. I’m actually looking forward to see GSP back in the cage

  24. UFC making cody look bad , you all said the same thing against him when he faced cruz and look what happened.

  25. Conor made this fight lmaoo

  26. I think TJ gonna rock this retard

  27. Just shows you how stupid cody is for getting mad over something so miniscule. Fucking cuck

  28. Cody is just a self absorbed, think that the world owes him something piece of shit

  29. we dont want diaz vs mcgregor, we want conor vs tony

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