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  1. "Fuck leg kicks and if you're down with leg kicks then fuck you too"
    " 'Nate what are you smoking?'
    'It's cbd'
    'What's that stand for?'
    'Stands for i don't give a fuck!' "
    Lmao I'm dying 😂🤣⚰️

  2. Still…. Wanna see Nate/Conor 3

  3. omfg my new fav YouTube videos to watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌😇😇👊💪

  4. Did anyone else notice the eagle in nates smoke cloud

  5. You'll do absolutely noting !!!!

  6. Stockton motherfuckers!

  7. You have got to be one of the funniest mofos alive,you always put a smile on my face…er…I mean..you suck balls Tommy!

  8. Can't wait to see you do CM Punks postmortem special. Drama queen, it's like a soap opera actor rambling.

  9. This could be one of the best. The shoutouts are classic.

  10. Donald Cerrone vs Eddie Alvarez part 2 would be great to have happen. I'm down with Donald Trump vs Demetrius Johnson too though. Trump has to fight in a Gee though. No need to see what's under the suit :/

  11. TTH your the best , keep us laughin and keep up the videos please, Fookin funny shit !!!!

  12. Took a can of monster to the dick lmao

  13. Love these fucking videos
    Binge watch em.

  14. Conor hurt himself more with those leg kicks than he hurt Nate. What a fucking average motherfucker lol.

  15. "Available now on Amazon.com $12.49 for prime members" Lmao! 😂😂😂

  16. bird in smoke is normal. is normal. whooooooop

  17. Conor McGregor's voice is spot on!

  18. The second judge had it a draw

  19. How the fuck can you dislike this vid. Fuckin haters.

  20. the conor accent sounds great.

  21. I love the killer instinct reference Ultra Combo

  22. Yill do fuckin' nuttin'!

  23. Who does the Conor Voice? Dead on…


  25. Good episode but you should've ended it with Conor saying "I don' givafook idah!"

  26. Knocked it out of the park on this one.  Thanks!

  27. It was the SECOND judge TTH, you loser. Great stuff.

  28. Sir, you gave me the laugh that was needed today! Great presentation‼️ The voices and personalities are on point👏🏼 Top notch and I'm for the follow 🎙

  29. This was fucking amazing!!!

  30. theres a hawk in the blunt smoke. lmao

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