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UFC 196 Press Conference: McGregor vs Diaz

After agreeing to fight each other at welterweight on March 5 at UFC 196, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz meet face-to-face for the first time at today’s live press …


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  1. is that Goldberg behind McGregor??

  2. Big chocolate dude behind diaz looks like he wants to strangle mcgregor

  3. Diaz: "theyre all on steroids"
    Dana: "cut him off"

  4. I like both these fighters tremendously.. And you can tell, even when they are "shit talking", they have a deep respect for each other… even more so now I think after 2 bouts

  5. jez ufc give this guys a proper mic

  6. 31:57 whoever that reporter is, she has Conor's dick so far up her ass that she doesn't realize how stupid her question was. Does the bitch really think there's a rule againts moving weight classes. Waste of a question.

  7. conor says , he is fit and in shape but hi gets his ass kicked like he will get them kicked out a gain , on augs 20 th if conor shows this time .

  8. Nate diaz: fuck you, fuck your bitch ass belt. Mcgregor: I don't give a fuck about the belt. Mcgregor at 28:15 holds the belt up high* okay Conor sure you dont.

  9. Everybody thinks Nate Diaz is bad ass just because he beat McGregor.. But they are forgeting that Mcgregor was supposed to fight Dos Anjos at 155 but he pulled out like every mcgregor opponent… so mcgregor had to gain 15 more punds in 9 days to fight Diaz at 170!! Diaz Beat a FAT MAN!! now conor is prepared and he will finish what he started… Mark my words!!!

  10. everyone is on steroids

  11. 43:19 "stockton slap!" lmao classic

  12. Why does the black guy behind nate look so pissed off


  14. Damn mcgregor is one cocky dude lol

  15. The music at the very begging. Name of song?

  16. Nate Diaz is the reigning Mcgregor champion 31:17

  17. 3million+ views, i'm not surprised motherfuckers

  18. I watch this almost weekly. I bought this fight only due to Nate Diaz's standing chance of defeating super-ego boy.

  19. money ruined conors mind. diaz not so much

  20. conor where are your millions now? dont fuck with nate you fuck

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  22. So does Nate own the McGregor belt now?

  23. Nate had Conor nearly crying a few times

  24. It's hard for me to talk like a civilised human being in such an uncivilised situation- Nate the wise one Diaz

  25. Can't wait to see Diaz fuck up mcgregor for a second time.

  26. lmao the skill definitely doesn't match the will, up your game Mcgregor haha… no jk respect to both fighters, very entertaining

  27. nate embarrassed conner, making him tap out like that

  28. Im a CMG fan but I salute the man who beat him. And I recon Diaz should call out Robbie Lawler now…now he has his chin up a bit. Nate is a really good fighter but I think he's had his chin down for this past while, and I dont mean that in boxing terms. Now he has some wind in his sail, and his chin is up a bit more….he should call out Lawler…..I recon Nate can beat him…


  30. Diaz is tough as fuck I was supporting him from the get go

  31. I am watching this now, and I am loving this, that Conor got his ass owned by a vegan. ahhahahahahahahahahaahah

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