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UFC 189: Matt Brown vs Nate Diaz


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  1. Why do people care about the Diaz brothers? They are so overrated, just a pair of brawlers who are just getting outclassed by the new generation of mixed martial artists.

  2. i like the videos man keep it up!

  3. Why does hathaway look like hes wearing lipstick

  4. Trash matchup.
    Condit vs Brown would be a war tho.

  5. this guy gona dominate cowboy…

  6. First UFC in a while that I'd actually buy. Conor you expert sales man, Dana should be sucking your dick.

  7. Why isn't Pettis gonna fight him? Is he scared of him haha

  8. Please do more of these funny short clips, u are awesome with those! Big reason why i subscribed 🙂

  9. those rankings make no sense, how can McGregor go ahead of Swanson and how can Swanson go behind Lamas who go murdered?

  10. If Nate Diaz is determined as we see right now, he has a chance. Otherwise, this is dream fight for Matt Brown, he's naturally bigger and when its a striking fight, he shows up to brawl and win.

  11. lol Way to make one of the GOATs look like a cross dressing tranny :p. Nice artwork nonetheless.

  12. I make sure to NEVER miss your videos. #1 MMA news source

  13. Mmadigest is best mma news
    I love whatching mmadigest vedios!!!

  14. Win, lose, or draw – still a Diaz fan. I'm even more motivated to purchase UFC 189.

  15. is jimi manuwa still fighting in Poland?

  16. Now, all of the sudden, Nate says he is supposed to fight Anthony Pettis and not Matt Brown, I'm confused.

  17. UFC 187 and UFC 189 will be great. I need a time machine because this waiting is killing me.

  18. Nate Diaz is under rated lol, always fights the toughest and people still hate lol.

    I can't wait to see his boxing techniques and using his open hand slap!

  19. Wow so now talking shit brings your ranking up LOL! Conor McGregor is something else

  20. this is an amazing news format, your channel deserves and will get more views/subs

  21. brown will just cut diaz down with leg kicks ,unless diaz has learned to check them lol

  22. You know what I love about this channel? You always get your news out at least a couple of hours before the UFC's own UFC Minute. That's awesome.

  23. This is great stuff, AS ALWAYS. Keep it up you're on your way to the top.

  24. They should really add hendricks vs woodley to this card then the winner fights the winner of lawler vs mcdonald

  25. WalMart sells guns but they will not sell a book of one of the best mixed martial artist ? WOW !

  26. I would love to see Woodley vs Hendricks.  Jonny is probably scared tho

  27. Holy shit Ufc is promoting the shit out of 189 , i hope nobody gets hurt for UFC 187

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