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UFC 185ers Israel Adesanya & Derek Brunson want to fight

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  1. Brunson is feeling himself,he will get destroyed.

  2. Looking back if you could get ufc 100 together again it would sell a fucking dream

  3. Derek better not just be yapping i wanna see prospects challenged

  4. DC looks like your uncle who was an all state athlete in high school but has worked out twice in the last 5 years

  5. The UFC shouldn't match up Israel and Costa anytime soon… let them both work their way up to the top and face off for the title if they can both get that far… it will be a better build p for that fight

  6. Paulo Costa wants to fight Chris Weidman… Ray Longo makes a ped accusation on Costa

  7. LOL that brock sound clip

  8. "DC had a Popeye's chicken bone up his ass.. I told him that a year ago.. I pulled that sumbitch out, and I beat him over the head with it!”

  9. Her: “Wanna bang?”
    You: “I’m down, give me a time I always show up. I own this division”
    Her: “Well.. I have my period, and am in labour with another man’s kid, so.. maybe in 3 months I’ll be ready for you to lay the Smackdown.”
    You: “Ain’t nobody got time for dat”

  10. how the fak is chis still up there? only loses lately…

  11. Leslie Smith is kinda annoying

  12. Lmao Brunson will get merked

  13. 9 years ago? Dang, seems like just yesterday. What a good card that was. Time flies!

  14. DC is legitimate! Damn, he shook up the world. Congratulations YA bastard ya.

  15. I think adesanya would pick apart Brunson. He’s too wild and crazy and adesanya is too precise and accurate plus his takedown defense is pretty damn good and only getting better.

  16. Who does Dana hate more? Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock or Leslie Smith?

  17. brunson just pulled a jeremy stephen with that twit

  18. OH SHITT, Mini mendes is on a full camp

  19. Ortega didn't weigh in, no show money. She's retarded.

  20. 0:57 🤣 “‘Let me get him. C’mon man give him to me.”

  21. Branch over Jacare, Kelvin over Bobby Knuckles, Costa over Weidman, Adesanya over, "he was never my friend", Artem.

  22. I was expecting Bisping's "liar!" at the end of the vid

  23. Excited for the return of Chad Mendes!

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