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UFC 140: Jon Jones practicing wild kicks at open workout training for Lyoto Machida


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  1. Jon Jones is at it best when it come to wrestling/grappling. But his strike game is just as dangerous as any other champion. This make him the P4P Greatest.

  2. Jon Jones is kicking like Saenchai

  3. I see Jones far more as an incredible athlete than an incredible martial artist. 

  4. He looks like a roided Ethiopian, his arms are the same width as his calf's! WTF!

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  6. Who is the professional? Jon Jones or you gay ass motherfuckers.

  7. just found a big booger in my nose

  8. They cut out the end of the tape when a mouse ran by Jon Jones' feet and he ran away screaming like the little coward sissy that he is!!!! (Said by Chael Sonnen)

  9. …really. He slowed down for it.

    Didn't say Jones has a 5th dan… Silva is known to MMA fans as a Muay Thai fighter, despite Silva stating he considers himself a taekwondo practitioner.

  10. hey buddy check out jon jones form at 0:10 shit is ugly, his side kick is horrendous. Come on, just because Anderson has a fifth dan doesn't mean jon has one.

  11. Yes, as a matter of fact. He has learned taekwondo. Muay Thai doesn't use those kinds of kicks. I've been teaching Muay Thai for nearly 7 years now. None of that is used. Even Anderson Silva has a 5th dan in Taekwondo.

  12. great Taekwondo? are you kidding me, muy thai yes but, taekwondo? FUCK NO

  13. I think Karate invented that kick man. Not sure though so don't reply insulting me and calling me stupid and shit, but i "think" that was a karate technique

  14. I agree… i don't and have never trained taekwondo but i've seen guys like Pettis and other Taekwondo guys with insane leg dexterity and they can kick soooo fast. What i train though is MuayThai and i know for a fact that MuayThai kicks are much more powerful, but slower.

  15. He's trained Muay Thai with Phil Nurse,brotha!

  16. That's only an example fool

  17. And that makes him great at taekwondo?
    So when someone drops their opponent with a right hook, it makes them a great boxer? No.

  18. Did Jones drop Belfort with a side-kick to the body in his last fight??! That's TKD.

  19. Actually he does. When I watch his fights, I see great taekwondo form, technique and style ofcourse along with a great muay thai and boxing. Excellent boxing form. What a lot of people don't know is Taekwondo and they don't actually know what it looks like and how it really differs to Muay Thai. There is a huge difference and Jones demonstrates an ability with Taekwondo.

  20. He doesn't have great Taekwondo.
    That doesn't mean he can't perform Taekwondo type kicks.
    His Muay Thai is great.

  21. No sidekicks or crescent kicks in Muay Thai.

  22. Muay thai, not taekwondo.

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  24. All the Makings of a True Champion.

  25. He was with the Wat years ago. He's still an MMA fighter, not a Muay Thai fighter. He hasn't even competed in Muay Thai.

  26. ", so I can’t really say that I’m a boxer or a Thai fighter—I try to use techniques from every style of fighting and I think that helps a lot.spinning back kicks and elbows, Tae Kwon Do kicks, the throws—so yeah I just really try to incorporate the thought of having no way, and it’s really helped me out tremendously.

    Its MMA. Whoever added those to his "official" UFC bio doesn't know what MMA really is, since Jones has never set foot in a Muay Thai camp before, only MMA camps.

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