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Tyron Woodley will return to fight at UFC 227

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  1. That Mercedes chick is 1 of bellators best

  2. Decisions decisions. Woodley fight or watching paint dry?…

  3. "interim beltI haven't said much about it" really? really?? he never shuts up about it

  4. I skipped the whole tyron live video. Seems boring to me.

  5. who cares. Tyron is next on the list of champions below Bisping that the fans can't wait to see lose and become irrelevant unless it's talks of retirement.

  6. how did Horaguchi leave the UFC he was pretty good?

  7. Tyron and his album will be up there next to the greats like Kobe Bryant and John Cena

  8. Oh shit the dark horse Dodson is coming

  9. “That’s weird they’re fighting for an interim title.”… dude hasn’t fought since July.

  10. I wanna see him drop a T Bomb on GSP

  11. Shut the fuck up and defend the title.

  12. He gave Dana a Doctor's Note for August we knew this all Talks

  13. @ 2:36 I lovvvve caramel for at least an hour every other hour everyday gosh I love love😝

  14. Of course he comes back when all the top guys are booked, usman, Till, Wonderboy, RDA, and Colby. Pathetic

  15. If Woodley had a better sense of humor people might love him. He missed a golden opportunity to make a joke about fighting Wonderboy again.

  16. Tyrone is the shittiest champ ever


  18. Woodley your a bitch your just trying to get a super fight you know the winner of RDA and Colby isn't going to have that fast of a turn around . And that's who you need to fight next . You won't be fighting in august

  19. Colby Covington is the best ever, though virgins may disagree. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Aug 4? He wants whoever wins out of rda Vs Covington the least amount of recuperation time as possible before eventually fighting him just like he did against Maia.

  21. Look I'm 100% focused on MMA… and TV commentary and acting and music
    – Tyron 'The Fake One' Woodley

  22. Hope ur voice gets better bro

  23. How does T wood go from wild animal in the cage to pussy boy

  24. Oh great, I was hoping for another 20 minute nap

  25. Planning for another 25 min power nap

  26. It's either going to be from most likely to least likely is RDA/Covington winner, Darren Till if he beats Wonderboy, or Nick Diaz

  27. Im glad Twood showing my boy thompson some love he deserves it

  28. This is AMERDICA!! (Fez voice)

  29. Ll tyrone wont be champ after his return

  30. Tyron is clever guy… he gave Demian Maia only a month to prepare and now the winner of RDA vs Covington has only 7 weeks to prepare… since he is the champ they have to take the shot.

  31. Man…Tyron “everyone is racist” Woodley might be a victim but sure he knows how to have his facil hair on point.

  32. That's 30% of Andersons acting right there.

  33. I wanna see Woodley vs Till!

  34. Yay….. Woodley's returning………..

  35. Who wins Lyoto Machida vs Cung Le ? ( In their primes )

  36. I like to suck on bitches toes real talk.

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