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This is the reason why Jon Jones is happy that Cormier is now a 2 Division Champ,Joe Rogan on Jones

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  1. Like gustaffson but ffs if he was champ there would be 18 months between fights

  2. Joe, quit riding Jones' dick!

  3. I wonder what people will say when Jon Jones comes back USDA clean and beats the life out of DC.🤔

  4. Undefeated but he can't get his dick up. That motherfucker has lost at life. I used to root for Jon Jones but he's a twat.

  5. dc is right about defending both titles!if he finds success in defending both belts,he will be a super greatest of 100s of years of all times!

  6. This WWE shit is so dumb.UFC must be desperate.

  7. Joe… he is a professional fighter, he is responsible for what is in his body. .01 % or 100%… a failed test is a failed test homie. P.s. that ending was damn funny!

  8. Chiesa should blame Conor for missing weight, and sue him for that.

  9. Gustafsson crying. DC already beat you. You'll get your chance at the belt next year.

  10. By Dc beating Stipe only solidifies Jon Jones as the GOAT 🐐!!

  11. Chiesa would’ve made weight if he cut his fuckin hair..

  12. Chiesas body settled out of court. The attempted murder charge was reduced.

  13. It's called micro dosing. Look it up

  14. Chiesa- may as well sue. Your MMA career is fading fast.

  15. Jones- Maybe if you would quit kicking your own ass.

  16. I thought i was gonna die? Maybe that isn't your weight class.

  17. Nah Jones. Dc could beat you at heavy weight. He’s way better at that weight plus he’s got much better since he’s fought you.

  18. "Now he has a choice at LHW or HW" BOY you don't got a CHOICE at shit USADA might just CHOOSE to ban your ass for 4 years for being a dumbass #fucklimpnoodlejones

  19. Boring DC why don't you keep that promise and retire at 40.

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