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The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Sean O’Malley Octagon Interview

Hear from Sean O’Malley after his victory at The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS, the…

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  1. respect to the young man, but he does look like Side Show Bob.

  2. too many "maybe"'s in his responses for my liking…gotta sound more confident than that

  3. Google "Sean O'Malley vs Carlos Lozoya"… The UFC literally paid Fusion fight league and Sherdog to pretend this fight never actually happened and wipe the records clean. O'Malley has ZERO heart.

  4. Highlight shots!?!
    F@k yeah..

  5. Terrion got a fokin granite chin… he got destroyed.. idk how he didnt pass out

  6. But did Sean pass the PED test?

  7. if he as a big mouth, he will grow soon or else he will also be like kabib 🙁

  8. Why do I feel paranoid about his veganism and the post fight interview

  9. He could put on like 300 grams of muscle if he would shave his head lmao!

  10. Crazy reflexes and raw tallent. Dude has blackfighter swag.

  11. gotta love all the big boys getting insecure when they see a scrawny guy knocking out guys like them lel, skinny doesn't mean weak tards. just like fatty Cormier isn't weak either

  12. This kid is not "IT," I am "IT." – Artem Lobov

  13. how tall is this kid? hes gonna have to go up a couple of classes to really shine.

  14. Sean O'Malley vs Mickey Gall

  15. I like the kid but he is gonna get killed when he meets some fighters with big time wrestling and jujitsu skills,he is sloppy

  16. Now the real work begins O'malley.

  17. holy fuck that take down was beautiful

  18. Nutha crazy paddy…O'Malley the alley cat!!! (…,)

  19. Who the fooook is that guy

  20. This guy looks like such an unlikely champion. This guy looks like a guy who would get picked on in school, a guy who wouldn't survive a day in prison. He looks like the kind of guy who might have a boyfriend.

  21. Everyone can suckme except for those who reply

  22. Black bro beat down by white nerd.

  23. I would love to see him on ppv soon

  24. This kid seems like the next big thing

  25. Omalley is gonna be huge in ufc in the next couple years! Guy is a beast and entertaining as fuck! Good win sugarrrrrr

  26. A lot of people like this guy, but I don't see anything. His first UFC fight and it was extremely close

  27. Finally a fighter thats from montana thats not a wannabe bum

  28. Why do I get the feeling DC is just contemplating eating O'Malley this whole interview?

  29. That's weird.

    Joe Rogan usually only wears black shirts.

  30. I would be shaking my head too if I got beat by a guy who looks like a used Q-tip

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