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The UFC Tonight crew talks about Ronda Rousey’s reported WWE deal | UFC Tonight

Michael Bisping, Karyn Bryant, and Kenny Florian talk about Rousey’s potential move to professional wrestling. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch…

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  1. What happened to her movie acting career? Haha

  2. WWE is much harder to do then ufc

  3. Why does the UFC care about this and why are they talking about it

  4. thats where rousey belongs

  5. Ronda will be so overhyped in wwe

  6. Conor McGregor should take a note

  7. only way she can win a belt again is if its scripted LOL

  8. When humbled and humiliated, you either become a Bisping or a Rousey. You either face the world or you hide.

  9. She's not mentally strong enough to be a pro wrestler. Hey Ronda, you think you could take bumps 300 days a year? Not an easy lifestyle.

  10. "I am wrestling" – Roudy Edmond Tarverdyan

  11. Bisping is not the same… poor guy.

  12. if Ronda fights in the WWE I will start watching it again

  13. I want me some Ronda!! 😍😍fuck WWE! Ronda can wrestle me all night! 😘😘😘

  14. Well she could be good at something again

  15. It makes sense since she can’t compete in real fighting, she moves over to fake fighting… 👍🏻 thumbs up to her..

  16. Its a shame she has all the potential to be what she was now she is gonna sell out , im disappointed

  17. Ronda could beat up Floyd lol, who remembers when “legit” people were saying this

  18. It’s going to be SUPER CRINGE!

  19. Brock and Ronda as WWE champions.

  20. she will be like Ken shamrock quick and out

  21. That would honestly be really lit if she enjoys performing. I am here for that. 😊

  22. Wow, from retiring undefeated and talks of throwing hands better than Floyd Mayweather to running away with her tail between her legs to be a WWE clown. Priceless

  23. She's getting paid so who cares. Your telling me you wouldn't want to make a lot of money doing WWE

  24. Alexa Bliss will master ultra instinct and defeat Ronda Rousey

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