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The UFC Tonight crew previews Jacrare vs Brunson | UFC Tonight

Karyn Bryant, Tyron Woodley, and Kenny Florian preview this Saturday’s main event between Jacare Souze and Derek Brunson. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX…

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  1. Who’s your favorite to win?

  2. Boost service sucks so bad

  3. Kenny Florian's predictions are worth next to nothing. lol

  4. UFC can’t spell another fighters name right. SMH

  5. Derek Brunson really needs to tuck his chin. For whatever reason, even in his hightlights, he's always lunging forward with his chin in the air, that's how Jacare KO'd him the first time, and thats also how Whitaker got him too. If he corrects that and stops the takedowns, he should be able to finish old Jacare on the feet.

  6. Brunson beat Dan Kelly and an old lyoto im still not convinced enough to pick him

  7. Jacare's best bet is to approach this fight the same we he approached the boetsch fight. Get the fight to the ground immediately. On the ground, jacare gets the win. On the feet, Brunson is scary early.

  8. I got Brunson wining this fight

  9. Let me take a wild guess, Tyrone picked Brunson?

  10. Turn 21 today!!!! Shots on ne

  11. I think brunson has this one hes been looking better than ever hes about to become a contender for the belt if he keeps it up

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