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Dobson gets the victory with a second round TKO. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content UFC …

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  1. Fighting is not for you Ariel. To just give up like that after getting hit with one good shot, not a good sign. The shot barely wobbled her and she decided to collapse to her knees…not a real fighter.

  2. Ow. She punched me. I quit.

  3. She quit, one girl got stiffened up with a head kick and still fought last night

  4. She wasn't that hurt. She just knew she was about to get worked badly and quit. I'd never let her fight again.

  5. she was rocked and did the smart thing to save some brain cells and less brain damage for her next fight. Lateral movement would have prevented this though (always be circling/creating angles)

  6. This women's division is trash.

  7. Ariel Beck isn't cut out for this sport. Feminism need not apply here.

  8. wow i've never seen someone still standing and then quit like that in a UFC fight.

  9. I read the title quickly and thought she TKO'D Helwani.

  10. it wasnt so much that she quit its more that your body kinda quits and ur legs give out even though ur aware kind of like canelo vs trout or zab judah vs kosta tzu

  11. If Shana becomes the next Angela Hill,…..

  12. Wesley Snipes with a nice right hand.

  13. Anita Baker with the KO Victory

  14. Too bad, Ariel Beck was cute. R.I.P.

  15. She literally gave up, she shouldn't be a fighter.

  16. Disgusting

    There's a roach near me

  17. can't wait to see the rest of the card

  18. This was worse than joanna tapping to strikes she fell and gave up

  19. Just wait until black women get into mma lol

  20. I thought Dana White was going to kick them off after they lost in the ultimate fighter but apparently they all got hired for the new 125 pound a disvision

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