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Raquel Pennington’s Coach was just thinking about himself and his glory?,Poirier on Edward Alvarez

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  1. Michael Bisping watching MMA WORLD on his podcast. Lohh you mike
    BTW What are your thoughts on Liddell's comeback?

  2. Haha, Chuck wants to fight Jon Jones and he also says that he would beat Jon Jones in his prime, LMAO. Chuck is delusional.

  3. Chuck must of found Jon's stash and sniffed a load…😂😂😂

    Cocaine, isn't it AWESOME!!!

  4. If Anderson wasn't suspended him VS chuck even out of their prime is a dream

  5. Yair is a moron. By his logic no fights would ever happen, as one of the fighters is ALWAYS a higher ranking than the other.

  6. If Raquel was a male fighter, would we be saying the same thing?

  7. Put both hands down deserve knee to head bitch move

  8. Who cares if Pennington says it was the right decision now? She had no chance of winning so it was a stupid decision

  9. She has a chance at 1 championship fight in her life. I don't think she'd want to go out quitting, I think her coaches know and care about her more than random people on youtube. So many fighters want to quit in training and in fights, that's what coaches and your team are there for. If she really wanted out she could have said that to the ref and it'd be over as fast as she said it.

  10. I'm a huge fan of Chuck Lidell, loved his title run- he was awesome- but Jon Jones would absolutely destroy him, he doesn't even stand a small chance, that fight should never be sanctioned. I can't believe Chuck is this delusional, time to wake up and smell the Ben Gay Chuck, you're old and even in your prime you were no match for Jones.

  11. Bisping watching MMA world?! Doooope get your credit homie

  12. Chuck been doing some crazy shit to want to fight the goat

  13. while i agree with matt on the yair part i feel like you should never reject a fight especially if its such a big name…. like if anybody ducked nate or conner it's like please gtfo of here with that shit… you can't dodge big names or big up comers or else you honestly don't deserve a ufc conctract… yair probably couldn't even hold kyle bozniacks jock strap let alone get in there with zabit…

  14. That ending still brings back memories of Khabib vs Ferguson 😢

  15. Stop putting your opinion in the title.

  16. Prime chuck would get slaughtered by Darren till

  17. Why does the coach have to give her the out? She didnt have to answer the bell,coulda just bent down and tapped. Wish they woulda threw the towel,so everyone could say she has no heart and is a quitter. Holly beat Meisha's ass for 4 1/2 rds too,maybe she shoulda quit too

  18. I'm officially back at selling tacos – Yair Rodriguez

  19. Perfect ending 👌 I don't want to see Chuck die via head kick

  20. So if she would of came back and won the fight his advice would be praised instead of looked down on. Took a gamble and lost.

  21. Cokes a helluva habit to keep up if you're not fighting eh chuck… 😆😆😆

  22. Chuck once stopped a scary monster prime alistar overeem, I believe

  23. Jesus jon Jones could actually kill Liddell. Like as in end his life. This is sad.

  24. Blows me away how everyone is talking about Raquels corner instead of the amazing fight from Amanda Nunez!! Straight up incredible fighter… She deserves to be talked about

  25. Chuck is in a full blown mid life crisis about 10 years too late

  26. The sport has evolved, Chuck will get killed, no one wants to see a Legend get Hurt, or get given a head trauma

  27. oh man, I feel sad for Chuck. He is obviously delusional, maybe sustaining some kind of brain damage.

  28. Jones vs lidell with Yamasaki as referee.
    Let’s make it happen

  29. Chuck vs Floyd.. Make it happen!

  30. Chuck must be delusional,lol… 🤔I thought you get concussions after a fight???😂😂😂

  31. 0:55 damn chuck lookin slow as fuck……just stop

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