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Rafael Dos Anjos vs Robbie Lawler Preview | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

The UFC on FOX crew breaks down next weeks main event between Rafael Dos Anjos vs Robbie Lawler. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content…

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  1. If you want to skip Kenny Florian (0.38 – 0.58) (1.28 – end)

  2. Florian's face is the reaction RDA had after failing to get injured for this fight

  3. I want to see rda vs connor Mcreggor

  4. Megan aight I guess, yall dudes showin up to girl collection if Ipyt her on display?

  5. RDA wins hands down am ready to BET heavily on him.

  6. Megan needs to take over for that black chick… I appreciate everybody's Hustle but I can't stand her voice

  7. Lawler by devestateing ko!

  8. Cormier looks nice in this grey suit

  9. Good fight. I am rooting for Robbie so that he can avenge Tyron!!! Robbie has a better chance than RDA to beat Woodley!

  10. Extremely difficult fight for RDA. Leg kicks will be key to slow down Robbie. Leg kicks, straight left, and go for takedowns even if they don't land. But I think Robbie knocks out RDA in 2

  11. im so torn, im huge fan of both these guys. i don't know who i want to win.
    ultimately, the only one who wins here is us, THE FANS!!!

  12. RDA gonna get KNOCKED OUUUUUUT

  13. Jose Aldo Jr needs to do the same thing that Rafael dos Anjos did and that is to move up one weight class, I see the same result for him as Rafael dos Anjos, if he moves up…

  14. Not sure how you "drop down to 170" from 155 Rashad.

  15. Megan looks like the typical cave Becky.

  16. Stop shouting you daft bint although you are very attractive i may add but sshh

  17. Miss match this dude was getting ragdolled by small lightweights he has no hope at the top of the Welterweight division his striking isn't great either really open and easy to hit

  18. He said RDA dropped down to 170, really

  19. I see the former Lightweight champion pulling the upset.

  20. A year ago this would've been a super fight

  21. Wow it's finally available in my country

  22. Props to the ufc guys making that cash but I don’t like current ufc fighters being reporters. It’s like Lebron and Durant reporting in the finals after they both got eliminated.

  23. More Megan please. No offense to the other reporter but you guys can switch off right?

  24. RDA on fire at WW? He barely won a decision and then beat the worst WW in the top 10.

  25. Rda is smaller than conor based on their faceoff. I cant see how he handles ww division

  26. Was waiting for Megan to give us that side view.. mmmmm

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